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A New Approach to Support Evolving Buyers

SPARXiQ and Allego have partnered on a modern web series to educate sales professionals on adopting today’s tools and technology to surpass competitors in effectively reaching customers.

Master the Art of Virtual Selling

You’ll learn how to orchestrate sales process activities, lead masterful sales conversations, and deliver a better buying experience for your customers.

Episode 1: Mastering Virtual Selling Is Vital

Understand how the global shift to virtual communication has impacted the sales profession.

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Episode 2: Frontstage Selling

Frontstage selling is any activity, interaction or collaboration that is synchronous, occurring live, in real time, with the prospect or customer. 

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Episode 3: Frontstage Best Practices

Understand the best practices a salesperson can use to create a successful Frontstage selling experience.

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Episode 4: Backstage Selling

Backstage selling is any activity, collaboration or communication that is asynchronous or independent, meaning that it’s not happening live nor in real time with the prospect or customer.

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Episode 5: Backstage Best Practices

Understand the Backstage best practices a salesperson can implement to remain top-of-mind along the entire buying journey.

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Download this checklist to ensure you’re making the best use of technology and video as you support your buyer’s journey. Checking these boxes sets up a better virtual meeting experience for your buyer and helps you masterfully orchestrate a key step in the sales process.

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