training vs learning

17 Sales Training Innovations

for Relentless Improvement

Since the development of the world wide web in 1989, learning and development (L&D) professionals have needed to evolve with the onslaught of new technologies. There was a time when instructor led classrooms with chalkboards were the only option for training.

Presently we see online courses and virtual training becoming the norm. But that’s today–what exciting advances do the future of learning hold?

It’s important to differentiate “learning” and “training.” Training is a subset of learning and usually occurs when a new initiative has begun or for compliance purposes.

Explore 17 Innovations occurring to the methods of training and learning, and begin relentless improvement.

Mark brings an exceptional background of over 35 years of sales & marketing successes and leadership with manufacturers & distributors to SPARXiQ. Mark has had senior sales, marketing & training development positions across a wide array of businesses, including The Timken Company, Mobility Works, Gardner Denver, VMI, Pragmatic Marketing, Frito-Lay, & many other industry leaders.

With a long history of building, training, coaching, leading sales teams the National Association of Sales & Marketing’s recognized his contributions with The Business Excellence Award, he was recently recognized as one of the Top 50 for his expertise implementing Sales Enablement by Highspot.

Mark is also an Author of the book: Branding Backwards, keynote speaker, trainer & thought leader on LinkedIn and his strategic business development blog no smoke and mirrors. A graduate of the Executive MBA program at Kent State University and also completed a management-development program with Harvard Business School, Mark has a passion for continuous personal improvement and helping his clients drive strategic profitable growth.

When he’s not serving customers he actively volunteers in the community and he and his wife Kecia recue Labradors and help them find their forever homes.