Virtual Sales Training

Sales skills training like you've never seen before

Today’s purchases are made differently than in the past, particularly for B2B organizations. With these transformative changes, it is more important than ever for salespeople to deliver value in ways that your competition can’t. SPARXiQ offers Hollywood-quality virtual sales training programs that are as impactful as they are enjoyable.

One-of-a-Kind Virtual Sales Training

SPARXiQ is proud to offer innovative programs that challenge what you may think about virtual sales training, and is gaining recognition for it.

Bored with voice-over slide presentations? Talking head videos? So were we. Virtual training doesn’t have to be like that.

Each program we produce at SPARXiQ Studios is both entertaining and educational, arming you with the skills needed to succeed in the modern business world.

SPARXiQ recognized for virtual sales training

SPARXiQ virtual sales training solutions focus on the human-to-human skills that differentiate top-performing salespeople from the competition. Built on the proven approaches of industry thought leaders and subject matter experts, the programs are carefully crafted to be both engaging and valuable.

Expert Insights

SPARXiQ produces video training programs built on proven best practices from industry experts relevant to each topic.

Binge-Worthy Video

SPARXiQ's engaging video programs deliver episodic educational content that is unlike any training you've seen.

Learning Support

Each program provides a full learning experience which includes quiz questions, workbooks, and leader guides.

Is Your Training Binge-Worthy?

Our clients often share that their teams had never been as excited about training as they were when participating in our programs. What does it take to produce binge-worthy training content? SPARXiQ Studios has mastered a formula that borrows from what works from film and television.

High-Quality Production

SPARXiQ uses Hollywood development and production techniques to provide a fast-paced, engaging experience similar to what you see on television.

Engaging Formats

Talking-head training struggles to keep learners attentive. SPARXiQ programs weave interactive master-class formats and simulated scenes to keep viewers engaged.

Digestible Episodes

For viewers to truly absorb key concepts, programs are split into episode-length chunks, generally around 15-20 minutes, to pace the learning appropriately.

Explore Virtual Sales Training Programs

Each of the programs below are available as self-paced video training programs with total runtimes between 2-5 hours. Learning support tools such as quizzes, participant guides, and leader guides are available. SPARXiQ can deploy content into your own learning management system or enroll your users through ours. If you choose to consume content in our platform, you will have access to full reporting visibility and completion certificates.

Modern buying has changed, but sellers haven’t changed quickly enough to adapt to it. Modern Sales Foundations™ is a full-cycle sales training program that teaches sellers buyer-centric strategies and approaches needed to excel in today’s marketplace.

Today, almost anything can be digitized, commoditized, or outsourced—except for relationships. SPARXiQ offers modern business relationship training to help your sellers build the transformative, competitor-proof relationships with the customers that are most important to their success.

What happens when buyers are trained to negotiate and sellers aren’t? Pricing concessions grow and deals fall through. SPARXiQ’s negotiation training programs focus on the transactional, relational and strategic aspects of negotiation so that your sales team can drive profitable growth.

No two buyers take in information or make decisions exactly the same way, yet too many sellers approach customers the same way every time. SPARXiQ Personality Quotient teaches professionals how to improve their communication effectiveness based on personality-type theory. 

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