Drive sales success with the right salespeople in the right roles.

A sales assessment that enables you to hire and develop top sales talent

The road to a stronger sales force begins with the right sales talent. There are certain mindsets and competencies that top salespeople have in common. With the right data-driven insights, you can evaluate candidates and existing team members to know exactly where they fit into your organization.

TalentGPS takes the guesswork out of choosing best-fit candidates and identifying the most critical areas for developing your existing team.

Select the Best Candidates

Interviews and resumes aren’t enough. Add clear measurements of sales mindsets and competencies to your tool set as you evaluate potential sales hires.

  • Measure each individual’s motivation and commitment to success
  • Know which core sales skills are strongest and weakest for each candidate
  • Discover how well potential hires align with your specific sales culture and customer situations

Get the Most from Your Existing Team

TalentGPS insights can also be used to help you align your existing sellers with best-fit roles and identify specific training and coaching needs. 

  • Discover strengths and weaknesses for each sales rep
  • Match the individual’s skills and competencies to the role they fit best
  • Arm your managers with specific guidance on how to coach each salesperson
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Select top performers for your sales team.

Whether you are hiring right now or planning to ramp up or grow again, your hiring decisions are critical. Get it right and hire pros who will deliver results.

Four Key Scoring Categories

Will to Sell

Review indicators that give you a clear picture of how driven a candidate is, what motivates them, and how coachable they are.

Selling Competencies

Evaluate critical sales skills including hunting, relationship building, consultative selling, selling value, and use of a sales process.

Sales DNA

Compare sellers' mindsets around rejection, money, customer approval and others with those of top sales performers.


Measure alignment of a candidate's experience and preferences are with your sales cycle and your company's sales culture.

Clear, Predictive Recommendations

Some hiring assessments evaluate a combination of personality traits or knowledge of sales approaches. It’s just as important, if not more, to uniquely measure the actual sales competencies that are proven to lead to success in sales roles.

Powered by thirty years of industry-leading research, TalentGPS has been shown to select candidates that can and will be successful for sales teams like yours.

In fact, 92% of recommended candidates reach the top half of their sales force within one year.

TalentGPS allows you to use data rather than subjective opinions and observations when making hiring, training and coaching decisions for your sales team. 

The Right Salespeople in the Right Roles

Uncover data points that help you more effectively hire and develop sales talent.

  • Measure core sales competencies
  • Predict sales success with insightful analysis 
  • Hire best-fit candidates for your sales environment

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