Sales Force Evaluation

Build a data-driven roadmap to improving sales performance

Improving existing sales team performance is critical in today’s business environment. For this reason, companies spend a lot of time, money and resources on tools, training, and processes aimed at driving revenue growth. Unfortunately, experience shows that these projects and initiatives often fail to deliver the desired results. The problem isn’t the quality of the efforts put in place, rather it’s the lack of alignment with the true needs of the sales force. It is important to evaluate your sales team to identify the most critical gaps that are impacting performance.

TalentGPS™ Evaluation gives you data-driven answers to the difficult questions you’re afraid to ask about your salesforce.

  • Are the right people in the right roles?
  • Why aren’t we generating more new business?
  • Where are the gaps in our sales execution and how do we close them?
  • How well are our managers coaching?

With the insights you gain from a TalentGPS™ Evaluation, you can clearly identify opportunities for skill development, coaching and process improvement.

The TalentGPS™ Evaluation process is simple. First, we learn more about your company and sales strategy. From there, your team takes a 45-minute online questionnaire to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of each salesperson. 

The results are blended with performance data and analyzed to produce a comprehensive report that we deliver during a collaborative discussion to translate the results into a plan for success. 

TalentGPS™ Evaluation provides the roadmap for building a better sales force. It can make employee evaluations and performance plans much more meaningful as you can prescribe the exact training and coaching support each seller requires to improve the areas where they struggle.

Turn the sales maze into a roadmap for success with TalentGPS™.

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