Today’s modern buyer is increasingly self-serving – online –  in activities traditionally performed by inside and outside sales reps. This changing buyer profile has profound implications for the Industrial B2B sales force. Customers increasingly can readily self-serve to discover the usual tactical information about products and services – they don’t want or need to talk to sales reps to answer simple questions. They are seeking more insightful, buyer-centric sales reps who can help them accomplish better business outcomes from their relationship. In simple terms, elite modern sales forces need different skills to have different conversations with different buyers. A core element of enterprise value is the selection, training, coaching, and managing of sales forces.

TalentGPS™ provides the core analytics to help sales teams attract, retain, and develop an elite sales force. Powered by Objective Management Group’s 35+ years of sales-specific, 3rd-party-validated, predictive sales-talent expertise – and augmented by SPARXiQ’s 25+ years of Industrial B2B analytical expertise – TalentGPS™ provides compelling, fact-based answers to the following questions:

  • Do I have the right people?
  • Are they in the right jobs?
  • Will they be able/ready to serve the evolving modern buyer?
  • Which low performers are intrinsically a bad fit; which could be remediated through effective training, coaching and management?
  • What would it be worth in growth and profitability to clone my best sellers?
  • How do I scale up to accelerate organic growth that is profitable and competition-proof?

SPARXiQ’s research indicates elite sales reps enjoy a massive value advantage versus mediocre sales reps: 10 extra margin points, twice the customer retention, and 6 times the share of customer wallet. TalentGPS™ provides the selection, training, coaching, and management analytics to build the elite modern sales force.

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