REGISTER NOW Do you really believe that modern B2B buyers want you to resolve their concerns with "overcoming objections”? Can you imagine anything more combative? In the sales profession, we’ve been using stereotypical sales language from 30 years ago for far too long. Join Mike Kunkle and Doug Wyatt in this episode of Sales Enablement Straight Talk™ to learn

REGISTER NOW We say that for sales force effectiveness, our reps should diagnose first, then prescribe. But as sales enablement and sales effectiveness leaders, are we doing the same, internally? Are we really using a data-driven approach to determine our next performance improvement initiatives, to help our sales force move the needle? Would you like to know what

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Our global village is shrinking. The world is getting smaller, and interaction between societies increases daily. For the Western negotiator, this means an increased likelihood of more contact with people from other cultures. To successfully navigate through a productive negotiation with someone whose cultural mores might be significantly different, it becomes increasingly imperative to understand the

Want to Kill a Deal? Make These Six Negotiation Mistakes In today's hyper-competitive environment, negotiation skills are an essential part of doing business. Increasingly the ability to negotiate effectively is more valued than ever. Negotiation is a process where two or more parties with different needs, pressures, and goals discuss a contention to find a mutually acceptable

The most straightforward, most basic negotiation tactic is one we've all used, whether consciously or not, all our lives. We first learned it from our parents, then siblings, then our gaggle of friends. It's powerful, it's simple, and it works like a charm. The "Flinch." The Flinch as a Tactic Have you ever been flinched by someone? Sometimes it's

It’s been over 20 years since businesses have adopted electronic communications and-accordingly, electronic negotiating has become very attractive and accessible. However, the convenience afforded by instant messengers and email make it easy to respond to an issue quickly but removes the personal interaction we had through a phone call or in person. It can be argued