SPARXiQ and Waypoint Analytics Announce Exclusive, Strategic Partnership

Industry leaders join forces to help companies focus on what matters: Deciphering and driving long-term profitability.

CLEVELAND, Jan. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SPARXiQ, the leader in business analytics and sales training, and Waypoint Analytics, developer of advanced profitability analytics Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), today announced an exclusive, global partnership that combines SPARXiQ’s industry-leading provider of pricing and sales analytics and complementary skills training with Waypoint’s best-in-class advanced software.  

“As a trusted partner to some of the world’s elite manufacturing, distribution, technology and services companies, we have a unique vantage point from which to identify and provide the most advanced solutions for our clients,” said David Bauders, CEO, SPARXiQ. “Since our founding as SPA in 1993, SPARXiQ has generated billions of dollars of profitable growth for over six hundred organizations, including twenty-five Fortune 500 companies, and the leading provider of profit-maximizing analytics. In Waypoint, we chose a partner who not only provides best-in-class technology, but also shares our deep commitment to ensuring mutual clients have access to the most powerful, efficient, and effective solutions to meet the challenges of today’s complex business environment.” 

“We’re delighted to provide our advanced profit analytics system to SPARXiQ, supporting their mission of providing best-in-class tools and strategies to their customers”, said Randy MacLean, president of WayPoint Analytics. “We’re also excited about our own clients adding strategic plans developed by SPARXiQ to more quickly realize the kinds of record profit and cash-flow gains typically seen where companies have advanced cost and profit analytics.”

The companies will also collaborate on future solutions designed to help organizations drive valuation, reduce volatility, deepen stakeholder engagement, and streamline the complex workflows involved in delivering end-to-end solutions that empower increased profitability and margin management while providing high-performance virtual sales training and enablement to accelerate holistic client growth and profitability.  

About SPARXiQ 
Today’s modern, high-performing business teams need an integrated suite of analytics and complementary skills training that drives improvements in daily behaviors and thus business outcomes – to drive profitable growth. Like the double helix of DNA, analytics and training must be integrated to accelerate the desired outcome. SPARXiQ integrates analytics and skills training to accelerate profitable growth. 

At SPARXiQ, we bring deep expertise, inspired talent, and relentless energy to uncover new value levers to accelerate our clients’ profitable growth and sharpen their economic positioning to address today’s challenges and to build the capabilities to drive future success. SPARXiQ passionately works to make it better to be our clients’ customers, employees, and shareholders, and harder to be our clients’ competitors.  SPARXiQ was formerly known as Strategic Pricing Associates and SPA.

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About Waypoint Analytics 
For more than a decade, WayPoint Analytics has provided the most advanced cost and profit analysis system available. Using exclusive metrics and its unique Quantum Costing engine, it shows precisely where companies make and lose money, and why. The system is used by the companies that lead their markets and industries to out-compete their peers.

With hundreds of expert-designed reports, and the ability to drill down to the customer, product and invoice-line level, companies use the system to fine-tune their operating efficiencies and their sales targeting to capture and hold the best part of the market. With WayPoint, they gain insights their competitors don’t have, and actions competitors can’t match. 

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