SPARXiQ Sales Analytics to Integrate with Rubber Tree Systems in New Partnership

SPARXiQ is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Rubber Tree Systems. This alliance integrates SPARXiQ’s data-driven sales analytics product, SalesGPS™, seamlessly into the Rubber Tree platform.

SalesGPS equips Rubber Tree users with tailored sales insights that drive account retention and unveil new sales growth opportunities. It delivers key performance metrics and actionable recommendations, empowering sellers to monitor order patterns, optimize product offerings, and grow accounts profitably. This ensures distributor sales teams can focus more on strategic revenue generation and maximizing the value of their key accounts.

"Rubber Tree Systems is looking forward to enhancing our customers experience with the SPARXiQ SalesGPS integration. The recommendations will help our clients grow their business.”

- Justin Kemper, President of Rubber Tree Systems

Powered by advanced AI/ML technologies, SPARXiQ’s analytics are engineered to assist sellers in enhancing customer retention, expanding share of wallet, counteract selective buying behaviors, and discovering new sales opportunities. This seamless integration allows clients to continue using the trusted tools and datasets they know from Rubber Tree Systems.

“SPARXiQ is excited to partner with Rubber Tree to bring prescriptive sales analytics to our mutual clients. Our SalesGPS plug-in to Rubber Tree brings the recommendations sellers need to accelerate organic growth.” – David Bauders, CEO of SPARXiQ

“SPARXiQ is proud to partner with Rubber Tree to provide our revenue accelerating analytics in such a highly configurable, intuitive and user-friendly interface.” – Dolores Bauders, COO of SPARXiQ

By seamlessly integrating SPARXiQ’s SalesGPS in the Rubber Tree platform, the alliance will transform how companies approach customer insights and sales growth. Together, SPARXiQ and Rubber Tree are setting new standards, uniting their strengths to empower clients with unparalleled tools for navigating today’s dynamic market landscape.

About Rubbertree:

Rubber Tree Systems provides solutions to simplify complex data, drive sales, and increase communication that allows customers to make impactful and strategic decisions about their business. Rubber Tree Systems serves over 1500 organizations across industries including industrial automation, industrial supply & tooling, power transmission, fluid power, hose & accessories, and HVAC.  With over 17 years’ experience in developing distribution software, Rubber Tree Systems prides itself on providing industry recognized best-in-class support and easy-to-use software with penny-accurate data through a customer centric approach.

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About SPARXiQ:

SPARXiQ delivers analytics, tools, and training solutions that help companies accelerate performance and profitability. We are committed to solving business challenges by enabling data-driven decisions and equipping front-line sales teams with skills to accelerate results.

Industry-leading distributors work with SPARXiQ to better navigate the challenges in today’s competitive market and to maximize business performance.

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