Leading Pricing & Sales Analytics & Training Company Acquires Jigsaw Systems

SPA Acquires Jigsaw Systems

SPA (Strategic Pricing Associates) announces the signing of an agreement for the acquisition of software provider Jigsaw Systems. Jigsaw focuses on solving the issues associated with Special Price Agreement Contract Management, Inventory Optimization, Point-of-Sale Industry Hubs, and Pricing Analytics.


SPA and Jigsaw Systems have announced today the acquisition of Jigsaw to offer unified strategic pricing, strategic costing, point of sale (POS), inventory management, sales enablement, and sales training solutions and platforms to the enterprise market. SPA will acquire the Jigsaw assets, people, and customer contracts, and the merged business will operate under the SPA brand. Both Jigsaw and SPA will continue to function as they have previously and support their respective customers with their existing products and services. Longer-term plans will be developed to further integrate the offering of the two companies and leverage each other’s strengths.

“We’re passionate about helping our clients’ sales forces accelerate profitable growth in today’s dynamic market,” said David Bauders, CEO of SPA. “In Jigsaw Systems, we discovered a partner that is equally as passionate about data and pricing analytics. Joining forces allows us to accelerate investments in our platforms and build new analytical and training solutions that will enable our clients and us to evolve and meet the unique demands of the modern, dynamic enterprise market.”

Mark McGready, Founder and CEO of Jigsaw Systems, also commented, “SPA’s acquisition of Jigsaw provides a major growth opportunity for both our businesses through an extended service offering for our clients. A shared philosophy behind the critical role of pricing (and many other diverse and complementary) analytics was the main driver that brought Jigsaw and SPA together,” said Jigsaw Systems CEO Mark McGready. “Since we know each other so well, we expect the acquisition to be a success. I’m pleased that both companies can now begin painting an even bigger picture.”


About Jigsaw Systems

Jigsaw, founded in 2008, provides software that solves the unique challenges associated with Special Pricing Agreement (SPA) Contract Management, Inventory Optimization, and Pricing Strategy. Jigsaw’s proprietary software allows manufacturers and distributors to work closely together by aligning needs for data process management, improved systems and processes to remove confusion, reduce administration, and increase the effectiveness of the distribution channel.


About SPA

SPA, Inc, founded in 1993, helps companies improve profit margins by using analytics to drive better seller decisions focused on pricing, prospecting, and account management while introducing workflow tools to improve critical business areas such as contract management. SPA also provides sales training focused on core skills essential to profitability and competing in the modern marketplace. This video-centric training spanning negotiation tactics, reading and reaching various personality types, financial acumen, and building meaningful relationships enables employees to deliver more value to clients in every interaction and profit to the bottom line. Epicor’s strategic partner since 2008, SPA has helped over 600 businesses boost profitability & competitive advantage.

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