The great paradox of sales is that buyers don’t want to be sold to. In fact, sellers never sell because they sell; they sell because the buyer buys. In order to sell more, sellers need to become buyer-centric and reorient their perspective to the buyer’s buying process and mindset. That is a radical shift, founded on Worthy Intent, which places the buyer’s interests at the center of every relationship (consistent with the seller’s economic interests).


Modern buyers have spoken. They want salespeople who add value as trusted advisors in every interaction. They must move beyond solution-selling to bring business acumen, economic insights and impactful guidance to their prospects and customers to help drive improved business outcomes.

Empower your sales teams with the skills they need to sell more, build stronger, value-based customer relationships, and capture more profitable business.


Does your sales team naturally consume your training faster than you ask them to? Probably not, and that is the clue that suggests your training may not have adapted to shifting expectations of modern professionals.

Modern sales training needs to move beyond Death-by-PowerPoint and talking-head or animated videos to provide quick, memorable, impactful skills for busy professionals who are constantly on the go. In a 24/7 world, concise, relevant micro-learning video designed for mobile consumption is the new standard. Produced in Hollywood, SPARXeQ’s video-centric approach to sales training provides quick 3 to 15 minute segments that are founded on a buyer-centric approach to selling. To adopt a culture of continuous learning, sales professionals want training that is: Just Enough, Just in Time, Just for Me. And it would be wonderful if it looked and felt like my favorite streaming tv shows and movies. And, as in the social world I live in outside of work, it would be great if I could socially share, comment, role-play around the content.

Leveraging the entertainment power of Hollywood and the science of modern learning, SPARXeQ’s virtual, online courses are expertly designed in a Drip-Learning format, so salespeople continually receive relevant training, just enough, when it’s convenient for them. Produced in Hollywood, our Binge-Worthy courses are all mobile-centric to ensure an agile learning experience.

Our core courses to prepare your salespeople to be buyer centric include:

Negotiations Quotient ( NQ) – Stop leaving money on the table. The reality is over 70% of buyers have been professionally trained in negotiations skills and sadly less than 15% of salespeople have received negotiations training. Close that skill gap today.

Increase sales profitability at all levels, from one-shot transactional deals to long-term strategic agreements. Participants who master the program will be armed with strategies to:  

  • Develop skills to identify & rebalance the other party’s tactics
  • Deploy effective countermeasures in competitive negotiations
  • Develop strategies to craft superior deals
  • Create strong deals even in the face of price pressure
  • Deploy best practices that drive value and defend margin

Personality Quotient (PQ) – optimize customer engagement, shorten sales cycles and improve close rates once your salespeople learn to understand and adapt to different buyer personality styles and preferred communication.

Improve communication by recognizing simple clues that allow them to quickly identify the most likely personality type or temperament of whomever they’re interacting.

  • Quickly establish a personal relationship with the other party.  
  • Identify what type of information the other person is looking for. 
  • Call upon your understanding of how the other person processes information and makes critical decisions.  
  • Pick up on subtle clues that uncover the other person’s desire for closure.  
  • Understand what the other person views as the most important criteria for a successful negotiation.

Relationship Quotient (RQ) – Help salespeople build and leverage competitor proof relationships. Help your salespeople build outstanding relationships that drive profitable outcomes.

  • Video-based scenarios bring sales skills to life. Learners see effective and ineffective dialogues and are challenged to identify the differences.
  • A micro-learning content structure delivers self-contained lessons through bite-sized chunks of content, rich with videos, learning exercises, and game mechanics that encourage self-learning.
  • Leaderboards, badges, and flashcards gamify the learning experience to tap into students’ desire for competition, achievement, status, and recognition — making learning fun and constant.
  • The adaptive online training platform allows sales managers to monitor the pace of learners and progressively adapts their daily assignments to keep them on pace with their learning goals.


The SPARXEQ Modern Sales Foundations™ is a video-centric, modular, adaptable sales training suite delivered through short, digestible videos. Each engaging module develops a key skill or competency necessary to add value in every customer interaction, to develop and build profitable customer bases, and compete and excel in today’s buyer-centric B2B marketplace. The program covers topics from prospect selection and qualification all the way through strategic account management.