SPA (Strategic Pricing Associates) & SPASIGMA Announce Company Name Change to SPARXiQ


CLEVELAND, Jan. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SPA (Strategic Pricing Associates) and SPASIGMA, leaders in business analytics and sales training, today announced its corporate name change to SPARXiQ, effective immediately and to be implemented across the company’s solutions throughout the calendar year 2020. The company’s headquarters will remain in Cleveland, OH. Customers, vendors, and partners will find an impressive expansion of solutions offered.  

Established in 1993, SPA (Strategic Pricing Associates, Inc.) has generated billions of dollars of profitable growth for over six hundred organizations, including twenty-five Fortune 500 companies, and is a leading provider of profit-maximizing analytics.  

SPARXiQ CEO David Bauders says, “When I started SPA (Strategic Pricing Associates, Inc.) in 1993, I understood that pricing was a huge lever in a company’s profitability, a stronger lever than virtually every other profit lever. Simply put, helping a company go from cost-plus and/or undisciplined, wild-west pricing to an analytically based, structured approach could predictably increase that company’s operating profit by 2 to 4 margin points. In businesses like wholesale distribution, where EBITDA averages only 4 percent, that is a huge opportunity to increase a company’s profitability by 50 to 100 percent; in manufacturing, the effects are also impressive. Over the years, SPA has helped over 600 businesses accomplish this mission. It has been an incredible journey, and I feel blessed to have worked with so many talented clients, colleagues, and industry partners to build success for so many varied organizations around the world.”   

The notion that pricing should move beyond gut feel — even in today’s technological world — to analytically-based, structured, and disciplined pricing, was not (and continues not to be) obvious to many sales teams. Companies have differed in how successfully they navigated the nuanced dynamics of customer relationships, competitive forces, sales personalities, customer personalities, all the qualitative factors outside the usual scope of analytics. To address the modern challenges our clients’ sales teams face, CEO David Bauders founded SPASIGMA in 2015.   

SPASIGMA expanded SPA’s mission: to help our clients negotiate effectively with their customers to drive effective adoption of strategic pricing – while supporting more profitable customer relationships. SPASIGMA training provides modern, impactful, economical, retentive training to help sales forces sustainably meet the challenges of improving profitability in the competitive marketplace they face daily.

“Today, we live in an increasingly distracted, time-pressured world. If we were to get sales teams to embrace continuous, drip-learning approaches, we would have to provide a modern learning experience to overcome the traditional Death-by-PowerPoint and Green-Screen, Talking-Head videos. So, we decided to embrace the modern entertainment industry’s best characteristics and bring them to the training world. Creative instructional design, story-telling, scripting, and casting can provide the foundation for modern, video-centric skills training to help sales professionals build and monetize higher value with their customers. It’s like Netflix for sales teams,” said David Bauders. 

Beyond market-leading pricing analytics, SPARXiQ solutions include sales analytics to aid lead-generation and maximize customer retention, nurturing and share-of-wallet; account- and product-profitability analytics; sales talent-selection and and sales-enablement analytics; a robust suite of sales training content; and a knowledge-management platform (EmpowerTM), delivered in today’s modern, micro-learning, video-centric, Binge-Worthy, and peer-to-peer formats. These solutions address the critical business challenges of the sales and profit acceleration, vendor and distributor rebate management and inventory management, and sales talent selection and development.   

SPARXiQ also provides industry hubs to engage manufacturers, distributors, and rep agencies in aggregating, organizing, analyzing, and distributing point-of-sales data, market insights, vendor collateral, vendor leads, and value-based selling tools.  

Dolores Bauders, COO of SPARXiQ stated, “We are excited to bring our expanded sales analytics and complementary skills training to our valued pricing analytics customers, many of whom have been with us for five to ten plus years. We also would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for their business and affirm our continued commitment to the sales and pricing analytics that drive their profitable growth.”  

Customers having questions regarding the company’s name change may contact their account manager or call corporate headquarters at (216) 455-1540.  

About SPARXiQ   

Today’s modern, high-performing business teams need an integrated suite of analytics and skills training that drives improvements in daily behaviors – to drive profitable growth. Like the double helix of DNA, they must be interwoven to engender the desired outcome. SPARXiQ integrates critical analytics and sales skills training to accelerate profitable growth. 

At SPARXiQ, we bring deep expertise, inspired talent, and relentless energy to uncover new value levers to accelerate our clients’ profitable growth and sharpen their economic positioning to address today’s challenges and to build the capabilities to drive future success. SPARXiQ passionately works to make it better to be our clients’ customers, employees, and shareholders, and harder to be our clients’ competitors.    

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