SalesGPS™ Analytics for Distributors

Enable Sales Growth through AI-Driven Recommendations

Sales growth opportunities can hide in plain sight when each team member manages numerous accounts. Without the right guidance, salespeople sell reactively, responding to incoming quote requests, and placing reorders for previously sold items.

SalesGPS analytics give your sellers data-driven recommendations for key opportunities to grow existing accounts. With these insights, your team will spend more of its time generating new revenue and maximizing share of wallet among the customers that best understand your value.

Maximize Every Customer Relationship

The easiest path to growth is often selling more to existing customers. When your customers expand their business with you, you’re able to deliver additional value while improving your own revenue and profitability.

Maximize Share of Wallet

Diversify each account’s product mix and become the go-to supplier for all of your key product lines.

Focus on Profitable Growth

Ensure reps are spending their time growing the product lines that boost both your top and bottom line.

Prevent Cherry Picking

Uncover products that are missing from a customer’s purchase history, and prompt reps to discuss.

Deep Insights into Account Performance

Standard ERP and business intelligence (BI) dashboards certainly help sellers manage their books of business, but these data sources tend to stop short of steering sales activities toward growth. The SalesGPS dashboard provides advanced metrics to paint a crystal-clear picture of how each customer is performing.

Account Health Score factors in year-over-year trends, purchase frequency and patterns, and share of wallet compared with similar accounts.

Share of Wallet benchmarks each account’s revenue performance against similar accounts of a similar size.

Product Mix compares customer performance for each of your key product lines to spot gaps.

Revenue Stability evaluates a customer’s purchase frequency to reveal order patterns.

Attrition Risk alerts sellers to take action when purchase patterns become concerning to maintain or recover the account.

Specific Sales Recommendations for Each Customer

Use specific, actionable sales recommendations to strategically grow each customer. SalesGPS insights, powered by AI and machine learning, recommends best-fit product and customer combinations that help sellers have the right conversations with each customer.


Is the customer splitting their spend? Up-Sell recommendations identify areas where a customer’s specific product spend is lagging its expected value.


Initiate conversations with customers around target items and product categories that are missing from their purchase history, but commonly purchased by similar customers.

Overdue Products

Never miss a reorder again! SalesGPS evaluates order patterns and alerts sales reps to instances where predictable reorders are overdue or missing.

"I was able to remind a client of a specific part they frequently buy (but haven’t this year). They ended up giving me a $6k order."
Territory Sales Rep
Large Industrial Distributor

Empower Your Sales Team’s Existing Platforms

There’s no need for a separate platform or login to capitalize on data-driven sales recommendations. SalesGPS analytics can be integrated into a variety of software platforms, including ones you may already be using.

SalesGPS recommendations are now available natively in Phocas for companies who leverage the powerful Phocas BI platform.

Rubber Tree customers can now benefit from SPARXiQ customer-specific sales analytics available directly in their Rubber Tree platform.

Custom Integration

Do you already use a platform to provide intelligence to your sales team? Chances are, SPARXiQ can integrate valuable account-specific recommendations directly into it.

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