Online Sales Training

Equip your sales team with the skills needed to grow your business.

Since 2016, SPARXiQ has been obsessed with developing the best sales training programs on the market. 

Equip your team with the skills needed to succeed in today’s complex sales environment. We’ve developed a powerful formula to master critical selling skills and see lasting performance improvements as a result. 

  • Proven sales approaches and methodologies from industry-leading subject matter experts
  • Engaging video content produced by the award-winning SPARXiQ Studios production team
  • Real-world application exercises to adapt the sales approaches to your unique sales environment
  • A spaced learning approach that fits easily into weekly schedules and ensures concept retention
  • Support materials for both sellers and managers to ensure retention and application of skills

The concepts are easy to recall post-training, and even easier to apply. Every seller that I know, regardless of industry or tenure, could find valuable takeaways from the training.”

– Bill Powell
Director, Centers of Excellence at Maxim Healthcare Staffing



Modern Sales Foundations (MSF) is a complete sales methodology that teaches today’s most critical, buyer-centric sales approaches.

  • Differentiate with today’s buyers
  • Build a stronger pipeline
  • Increase win rates
  • Strengthen and expand existing customers

Sales Coaching Excellence is a training program for managers that provides critical frameworks for coaching sales teams.

  • Identify specific areas for skill development 
  • Properly use feedback, field training and coaching to improve sellers’ behaviors
  • Integrate a coaching culture into daily workflow 

Relationship Quotient (RQ) teaches specific, actionable  approaches that strengthen your entire portfolio of business relationships to make you competitor-proof.

  • Build trust with buyers from your first interaction
  • Understand and help buyers to reach their goals
  • Identify and focus on developing key relationships

Negotiation Quotient (NQ) teaches sales professionals to capture the value they’ve created and defend against common buyer negotiation tactics.

  • Understand what pressures your buyers face
  • Identify and respond to common buyer negotiation tactics
  • Plan and execute effectively in all negotiation situations

Let’s talk about your plans to improve your sales team’s performance.

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