TalentGPS™ Hiring Assessment

Select top sales talent with every hire.

In today’s competitive marketplace, hiring top sales talent can be difficult. Many companies struggle have trouble distinguishing the best from the rest based on resumes and interviews alone. 

TalentGPS™ Hiring is a sales-specific hiring assessment that provides deep insight into several critical measurements of a candidate’s ability to sell successfully for your company. 

Don't leave important hiring decisions to resumes and interviews alone.

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Candidate Criteria

Where many hiring assessments evaluate a combination of personality traits or knowledge of sales approaches, TalentGPS™ Hiring uniquely measures core sales competencies while also providing a clear picture of the candidate’s mindset and drive to succeed in sales role. This allows you to not only answer the question of whether they can sell, but whether they will.

Comparing candidates with a 35-year analysis of over 2 million sales professionals, TalentGPS™ Hiring gives you clear recommendations for who you should move to the next step of the process and what areas you need to dig deeper into when you interview.

Core Sales Competencies

The ability to sell effectively

Will to Sell

Level of drive and motivation to be in a sales role

Sales DNA

Mindset and instincts that determine ability to be successful


Ability to be developed and coached

Simple Process, Actionable Results

Including TalentGPS™ Hiring in your recruiting process is simple. Candidates complete a 45-minute online questionnaire that delivers the results to your inbox. The easy-to-interpret results provide guidance to whether the candidate is recommended as well as specific interview questions that can help you dig deeper into potential areas of concern.

SPARXiQ configures TalentGPS™ Hiring to reflect your products and selling situations. This means that recommended candidates have the right competencies, mindset, and ability to thrive in your organization specifically.

Best of all, TalentGPS™ Hiring recommendations predict success. Validated studies show that 92% of recommended hires reach the top half of their sales organizations within a year. Likewise, 75% of candidates who weren’t recommended, but were hired anyway, fail within six months.

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