Sales Talent

Drive growth by building a best-in-class sales force.

Today’s high-performing sales teams take a focused approach to developing and managing their individual sellers. Performance improvement doesn’t come from better hiring, management, training, or coaching alone; it comes from a sales talent strategy that includes each.

SPARXiQ provides companies the tools, training, and guidance necessary to develop world-class sales talent.


Identify critical areas for improvement where tools, training and coaching can make the most significant impact. 


Attract, interview, and select top performers that take your company's growth to the next level.


Develop the skills that differentiate your team from the competition in the modern marketplace.


Build a culture where your managers continuously develop rep skills and behaviors.

One of the biggest barriers to improving sales performance is knowing where the gaps are for a given salesperson, team, or an entire sales organization.

That’s why SPARXiQ offers comprehensive sales team evaluations. With the right data-driven visibility into your sales team’s strengths and weaknesses, you can make informed decisions to focus on the tools, training, and processes that can make the most significant impact for your company specifically.

In today’s competitive marketplace, hiring top sales talent can be difficult. Companies struggle to attract enough skilled candidates and have trouble distinguishing the best from the rest based on resumes and interviews alone.

SPARXiQ helps companies attract, interview, and hire top performers with the help of industry-leading talent selection assessments that are proven to be predictive of future success.

Today’s increasingly-commoditized marketplace requires salespeople to differentiate by truly understanding customer needs and delivering maximum value beyond what the solution provides on its own.

SPARXiQ provides a variety of sales skills training programs focused on the skill sets that separate top performers from their competition.

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Front-line sales managers have some of the toughest jobs in any organization. Between administrative functions, hiring, training, managing pipeline and supporting key opportunities, many managers don’t have much left to focus on coaching.

SPARXiQ offers Sales Coaching Excellence, a training program designed to transition your sales managers to sales coaches, enabling sales growth and developing your reps’ skill sets. 

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