Sales Talent Assessment

Sales Talent Assessment

Imagine a sales talent assessment so reliable that you eliminate 96% of the mistakes made when hiring salespeople (and sales managers, too) and never again be fooled by an individual’s charming personality, perfect track record, or exaggerated resume. You won’t have to wait six months to a year to learn whether your next candidate will succeed in your complicated business. Our Sales CandidateSales Management Candidate, and VP Sales Candidate Assessments provide easy, instant access to the same accurate, insightful results that thousands of successful companies rely upon to choose winning salespeople (and sales managers). 

How it Works

We combine our proven criteria for sales success with what an effective salesperson must do in your business to consistently achieve success. Hiring criteria has a sliding scale. Greater difficulty = more stringent standards. We also include suggested Interviewing questions in every sales candidate’s report.

Candidates complete a comprehensive set of questions, and you receive the results in an email. That powerful information is available for the interview.

  • Needs no administrative support.
  • No software to learn.
  • Easy to understand and nothing to interpret.
  • Hiring recommendation is provided.
  • You don’t have to draw conclusions.
  • Accurately (96%) predicts sales success in your unique business.

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