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Online Training for Sales Managers

Sales managers wear many hats. As much as they want to commit time to developing their teams, competing priorities often get in the way. At the same time, sales leaders want to coach their teams to success, but few have frameworks to do so effectively.

Sales managers need actionable approaches that enable them to effectively develop sales professionals. With proven methods to maximize sales performance, Sales Coaching Excellence delivers exactly what sales managers need.

Front-line sales managers will learn the what, why and how of sales coaching to enable them to:

  • Develop Sales Talent
    Identify which areas represent the best opportunities for improvement as well as the right way to facilitate the changes needed. Then train and coach to improve daily sales behavior.
  • Create a Coaching Culture
    Integrate coaching activities into daily, weekly and monthly workflow. The key to disciplined coaching execution is to follow the process of “diagnose,” “plan,” “do,” and “review.” 

“Excellent content, production, and models that can be easily applied.”

Aimee Roberson,
Director, Revenue Enablement Lone Wolf Technologies

Sales Coaching Excellence, SCE

Sales Coaching Excellence

Develop sales managers into sales coaches.

Identify ways to help reps maximize performance in targeted areas. Establish a regular coaching cadence to help reps attain sales mastery and achieve the best results possible.

Self-Paced Assignments

The program is presented through engaging, on-demand videos that can be taken at your manager’s pace with no significant out-of-office periods.

Real-Time Virtual Sessions

Managers can choose to participate in a series of 60 to 90-minute, real-time virtual sessions with an expert instructor to ensure concepts and applications are fully understood.

Learning Support

Digital support tools and reference guides help managers apply these powerful approaches in everyday coaching scenarios with their team.

Transition Your Sales Managers to Coaches

Develop your managers into coaches that enable your sales reps to maximize their performance.

  • Focus coaching efforts where it matters most
  • Follow proven frameworks to provide training and coaching
  • Build a culture of talent development around coaching

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