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The Path to a Best-in-Class Sales Force

The term “sales coaching” does not just refer to everyday sales management or sales leadership. We are talking about something much more specific.

If you want to develop a best-in-class sales force, front-line sales managers need to:

  • Analyze sales reps’ performance
  • Decide where to spend their limited coaching time to get the best results
  • Determine the best performance improvement solutions, based on analysis
  • Identify ways to help reps maximize performance in targeted areas 
  • Provide training to ensure reps have the skills they need to succeed
  • Guide reps to greater success with a coaching approach that’s engaging and motivating
  • Establish a regular coaching cadence to help reps attain sales mastery and achieve the best results possible

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Mike Kunkle

Mike Kunkle

VP, Sales Effectiveness Services

About the Author

Mike Kunkle is the VP of Sales Effectiveness Services for SPARXiQ. He’s a respected sales transformation architect and internationally-recognized sales training and sales enablement expert.

Mike has spent 35 years in the sales profession and 25 years as a corporate leader or consultant, helping companies drive dramatic revenue growth through best-in-class training strategies and his proven-effective sales transformation methodologies. 

Today, Mike works as the Vice President of Sales Effectiveness Services for SPARXiQ, where he advises clients, writes, speaks, leads webinars, publishes sales training courses, and designs sales enablement systems that get results. He collaborated with Doug Wyatt to develop SPARXiQ’s Modern Sales Foundations™ curriculum and also authored our Sales Coaching Excellence™ course. 

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