Sales Coaching Excellence

Fast-track your sales talent development through coaching

Sales managers know that they should be coaching, but few have solid frameworks and proven approaches to doing so. SPARXiQ Sales Coaching Excellence (SCE) is a foundational training program that transitions sales managers to effective sales coaches.

Drive Sales Performance through Improved Coaching

Sales Coaching Excellence covers the what, why, and how of sales coaching to provide your managers with actionable approaches that enable them to effectively develop sales professionals. The program starts with the basics and then provides depth into the most critical areas. Topics within the program include:

Importance of Sales Coaching

What is "sales coaching" exactly? What can be coached? Why should you spend time coaching?

Data-Guided Coaching

Use data to identify each rep's most critical areas for improvement throughout your sales cycle.

Benchmarks: What Good Looks Like

Work backwards from results to determine which behaviors to benchmark and replicate as best practices.

Situational Approaches

How to determine the best solution to improve performance in a given situation.

The Coaching Process

Simple models to improve your rep's results that can be applied to each coaching situation.

Field Training

When field training is the appropriate solution, how can you most effectively transfer knowledge and expertise?

Individual Coaching Sessions

How to get the most out of 1-on-1 sessions and bring skill development to the forefront.

Creating a Coaching Culture

How to integrate coaching activities into daily, weekly, and monthly workflow to a standard practice.

Because sales coaching is such a critical skill that requires nuance, scenarios, and practice, Sales Coaching Excellence is delivered through a blended learning approach that includes self-paced and real-time components. The result? A comprehensive, interactive, and impactful experience your managers can take with minimal disruption to their day-to-day activities.

Self-Paced Assignments

To deliver the program efficiently without a significant out-of-office period, portions of the content are provided as self-paced virtual training.

Real-Time Virtual Sessions

Managers participate in a series of 60-to-90-minute real-time virtual sessions with an expert instructor to ensure concepts and applications are fully understood.

Learning Support

A variety of digital support tools and guides help managers apply powerful approaches in everyday coaching scenarios with their team members.

Mike Kunkle

The chaos of management often distracts managers from the critical work of being a coach, which is, connecting with their reps and developing them to realize their full potential. It’s not about what the manager can do; it’s about what they can develop their team to do. ​

Mike Kunkle
Author, Sales Coaching Excellence Training Program

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Sales Coaching Excellence

eBook: Sales Coaching Excellence

The Path to a Best-in-Class Sales Force

The term “sales coaching” does not just refer to everyday sales management or sales leadership. We are talking about something much more specific. Download this eBook to learn how to equip your front line sales managers with the right tools to develop a best-in-class sales force through effective sales coaching.

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