Sales Acceleration Workshop

Build a data-driven roadmap to sustainable sales growth

The Sales Acceleration Workshop is an exclusive program that helps distributors develop a data-driven, strategic and operational roadmap to accelerate sales productivity and drive organic sales growth. Working virtually with non-competitive company leaders and various distribution and sales transformation experts, you’ll gain valuable insights that can help your company build a blueprint for sales acceleration.

The Sales Acceleration Workshop is led by experienced distribution experts, data analysts and sales transformation experts, including:

David Bauders

David Bauders


Dr. Chitra Dorai


ian heller

Ian Heller

Distribution Strategy Group

Mike Kunkle, Co-Author Modern Sales Foundations

Mike Kunkle


Sales force productivity is one of the keys to weathering the current economic disruption, and sales effectiveness is the next great wave of profit acceleration. SPARXiQ client data show that, in key performance metrics, top-quintile (top 20%) sales professionals vastly outperform bottom-quintile reps. This variance within the same sales organization can represent 10 extra margin points, 2x customer retention, and 2-6x share of customer wallet. The benefits of closing these performance gaps within the sales team are extraordinary.

Given that sales teams cost the typical distributor 15 percent or more of revenues, what is it worth to boost productivity to drive revenue and profitability? The answers are in the data. Moving each rep up just one quintile of performance can reduce SG&A expenses by 10-20 percent, increase revenue growth by 1.5-3.0 percent, and increase profitability by 100-200 basis points. 

Industry-leading companies are making moves that will align their sales efforts for growth in the coming decade. The Sales Acceleration Workshop helps your company build a clear path to increased revenue and profitability that is tailored to your strengths and market presence.

Align Strategy with Sales Resources

Evaluate your sales organization and find opportunities for resizing and realignment to increase sales productivity.

Target Key Accounts and Markets

Uncover strategic growth opportunities through a data-driven analysis of your current and potential customer base.

Hire, Train, and Develop a Winning Sales Force

Build systems for sales talent development to ensure that your company reaches customers effectively and efficiently.

The Sales Acceleration Workshop provides you a collaborative environment to build your strategy alongside non-competing peer companies with the help of industry experts.

Valuable Insights

With the help of cutting-edge sales and profitability analytics, expert guidance and collaborative exercises, your executive team can answer these important strategic questions:

How can we grow revenue while reducing our cost of sales?

Which customers offer the greatest growth potential?

Which markets deserve our strategic focus?

What does the ideal sales team look like for our company?

What separates our top sellers from the rest?

How can we develop our sales team to be more productive?

Program Overview

The Sales Acceleration Workshop is split into four highly-interactive virtual workshops for your executive team to attend, each spanning two consecutive mornings. Workshops occur roughly once per month.

Workshop 1

The Dynamics of Growth & Profitability

Analyze current sales performance through advanced data-driven insights.

Workshop 2

Strategic Market Makers

Identify markets with ideal growth opportunity and align your sales team to serve them.

Workshop 3

Sales Force

Leverage talent analytics to evaluate your current sales team, and make a plan to improve the areas of need.

Workshop 4

Systems Approach to Growth

Learn the playbook to hire, train and coach the sales team that aligns with your strategic vision.

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