Sales Training Resources

Equip your sales team with the necessary skills to accelerate sales and profitability.  A variety of solutions are available to provide sales training insights.


Download this cheat sheet to upgrade your discovery. Most sales reps know that discovery requires asking questions. To top producers, it’s more – a strategy with tactics and a logical thought process.

Buyers won't tell you how to sell to them, but this cheat sheet will help you. Apply these buyer-centric principles to every sales activity.

Download this infographic to understand why it's essential to present sellers with bite-sized “chunks” of information over time to ensure they retain new knowledge.

Download this infographic to properly develop the skills of your sellers and improve their performance. Determining when it's best to train, coach or provide feedback also improves your communication with your sales team. Win-win!

eBooks & Guides

B2B buying decisions now include more decision makers, stakeholders and other interested parties. In this eBook, learn how to navigate the purchase process with a large buying committee.

Ensure your sales reps retain the new skills and concepts they learn through sales training. In this eBook, SPARXiQ and Allego collaborate to provide the systems approach to implementing sales training that makes an impact on performance.

Connect with buyers and personalize value messaging throughout the sales process. In this field guide, discover the four types of value a buyer may see in your solution along with guidance for uncovering them and messaging each effectively.

Articles about Sales Training

Leverage a more buyer-centric sales and enablement approach to regain control and excel in today’s sales environment.

Learn about the importance of gaining your team's buy in as you prepare to roll out a new sales training initiative.

Uncover role play and simulation types to incorporate for strengthening your sales practices and methodologies.

Learn about two helpful ways you can facilitate sales mastery for your organization.

Create an efficient and more effective customer buying process.

Adopt a buyer-centric sales training methodology to connect with your customers, understand their situations, and ultimately solve their problems.

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