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Build stronger relationships with your customers

Sales professionals who master business relationship skills experience improved overall performance, increased sales velocity, better visibility into key relationships, reduced revenue risk, and higher customer loyalty.

While everyone inherently knows that better relationships lead to better results, almost nobody does anything about it. Most sellers aren’t formally taught the playbook to create, sustain and improve relationships.

SPARXiQ offers two Relationship Quotient (RQ) programs to provide clear, actionable approaches that build stronger long-term business relationships.

89% of senior executives say relationships have a significant impact on business results. Yet, only 24% of them say they use a formal and consistent process to build business relationships.

Relationship Quotient 1.0

Learn the fundamentals needed to develop a modern, value-delivering business relationship in Relationship Quotient 1.0:

  • Apply the Principle of Worthy Intent
  • Use Credibility, Integrity, and Authenticity (CIA) to effectively build trust 
  • Uncover Goals, Passions and Struggles (Relational GPS®)
  • Use the Value Model to understand buyer decision making
  • Recognize Affirming Behavior from your relationships

Relationship Quotient 2.0

Strategically apply RQ concepts to your portfolio of business relationships in Relationship Quotient 2.0:

  • Evaluate business relationships to identify ideal growth opportunities
  • Implement strategies for developing individual relationships
  • Understand how to successfully move up the Relational Ladder®
  • Apply the Profit Equation to maximize the value you can deliver

Relationship Quotient™ is available as a virtual, video-based program or a live on-site seminar

Virtual Programs

SPARXiQ virtual training programs provide an engaging, video-based learning experience. Virtual courses are produced by the award-winning SPARXiQ creative team and delivered through short episodes of Hollywood-quality content format that keeps learners engaged.

Live Seminars

Bring SPARXiQ content to life for your team through interactive instructor-led programs, Your team learns and practices strategies that make in impact in their performance. Live seminars include hands-on exercises and lively discussions to help attendees apply the concepts.

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