Relationship Quotient

Build Buyer-Centric, Exponential, Competitor-Proof Client Relationships For Sustainable Long-Term Growth.

Relationship Quotient™ (RQ) – Sales professionals who master RQ skills will experience improved overall performance, increased sales velocity, better visibility into key relationships, reduced revenue risk, higher customer loyalty and competitor-resistant client relationships.

When it comes to meeting targets, 89% of executives believe that strong client relationships are the reason why they meet their targets each year – and yet less than 1 in 20 companies provide specific strategies for strengthening client relationships. RQ helps sales teams leverage the power of stronger, value-based business relationships to accelerate deals, negotiate bigger, more valuable deals, and accelerate sales growth.

As with all SPARXiQ skills training, the training platform is modern, efficient, entertaining, and economically impactful:

  • Video-based scenarios bring sales skills to life. Participants see effective and ineffective relationship scenarios and are challenged to identify the differences.
  • A micro-learning content structure delivers self-contained lessons through bite-sized lessons, rich with immersive videos and learning exercises, and gamification that encourage rapid learning.
  • Leader boards, badges, and flashcards gamify the learning experience to tap into students’ desire for competition, achievement, status, and recognition — making learning fun and constant.

SPARXiQ’s Relationship Quotient™program teaches participants how to prioritize, measure, and develop relationship strategies to advance their most important business relationships in line with their performance objectives. RQ also provides for CRM integration to ensure behavioral adoption in daily sales workflow.

With video-centric learning designed to accelerate the acquisition, retention and mastery of these skills, RQ provides a dynamic and systematic model for launching your business relationships to new levels of trust, profitability and value generation.

Key drivers of relational success will be introduced, such as:

  • Determining Relational GPS®, the roadmap to relational success.
  • The importance of refocusing on the power of “relational capital” and the “principle of worthy intent” in a digital world
  • Internalizing the Relational Ladder ® so participants can distinguish themselves with every customer and business interaction
  • Using the RQ Assessment to track the strength of participants’ most important business relationships

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SPARXiQ’s Relationship Quotient™ content is available in diverse formats including virtual, LMS or in-person content delivery.

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