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Eighty-nine percent of senior executives say relationships have a significant impact on business results. Yet, only 24 percent of them say they use a formal and consistent process to build business relationships.

While everyone inherently knows that better relationships lead to better business results, most of us aren’t intentional about building them. In fact, many sales professionals treat business relationships as things that just happen on their own, and it doesn’t always work.

Relationship Quotient (RQ) from SPARXiQ teaches actionable, practical approaches that strengthen your entire portfolio of business relationships to make you truly competitor-proof.

Relationship Quotient Helps Sellers:

Build Trust

It’s critical to build trust with a buyer from the first interactions. Learn the formula to effectively gain trust and grow your relationships.

Stand Out

Buyers work with sellers who help them achieve their goals. Learn how to uncover your buyers’ goals to decode their decision making and buying process.

Elevate Relationships

Identify which relationships are the most important and focus on them. Learn how to nurture these relationships that lead to long-term business.

Learn about building stronger relationships with your customers.

Relationship Quotient is available as two video-based programs presenting different levels of depth.

Business Relationship Fundamentals 

Learn the fundamentals needed to develop a modern, value-delivering business relationship. Relationship Quotient 1.0 features 7 episodes for a total runtime of 2 hours and teaches actionable approaches to help you grow business relationships: 

  • Learn the importance of Worthy Intent 
  • Demonstrate Credibility, Integrity, and Authenticity (CIA) to effectively build trust  
  • Effectively uncover the other party’s Goals, Passions and Struggles (Relational GPS®) 
  • Use the Value Model to understand buyer decision making 
  • Recognize Affirming Behavior from your relationships 

Elevating Business Relationships 

Strategically apply RQ concepts to your portfolio of business relationships in Relationship Quotient 2.0. The 9 episodes in RQ 2.0 (3 hours total) teach you how to determine which relationships are most critical to helping you achieve your goals and the playbook for elevating them. 

  • Evaluate business relationships to identify the most valuable growth opportunities 
  • Implement strategies for developing each individual relationship 
  • Understand how to successfully move up the Relational Ladder® 
  • Apply the Profit Equation to maximize the value you deliver to relationships 

Build Competitor-Proof Relationships

Set achievable goals and discover opportunities for growth. Develop profitable and sustainable business relationships. 

  • Follow simple frameworks to set yourself apart
  • Establish trust with buyers from the first interaction
  • Elevate your most important business relationships

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