RebateGPS™ Ship and Debit Optimization

Serve and Grow Key Customers with Optimized Cost Support

Ship and debit rebates (claimbacks) empower distributors to compete for, and win, key projects and customers. Unfortunately, many companies are missing opportunities as a result of inefficient and inconsistent rebate management processes. Without the right guidance and process, missed rebate opportunities lead to missed sales opportunities.

RebateGPS™ provides data-driven recommendations that enable you to take action on missing and under-supported ship and debit rebates.

Uncover missed rebate opportunities within your business:

Missing Customers

Customers or projects are not receiving eligible cost supports from a given vendor.

Missing Products

Appropriate rebates for some of a customer’s products but not for other eligible products.

Under-Supported Products

Cost support provided by a given vendor, but below the appropriate level for similar opportunities.

A Proven Statistical Model

For the past 30 years, SPARXiQ has perfected a statistical model to determine true price sensitivity. The same logic that is used to determine ideal price points can also be applied to purchasing, and more specifically the optimization of ship and debit rebates.

The RebateGPS analysis measures each customer-and-product combination’s price sensitivity and benchmarks the level of cost support for a given combination against similar customers or projects.

Through analyzing numerous distributor data sets, SPARXiQ continuously finds that companies are missing 30% or more of their potential ship and debit rebates. This cuts into the bottom line while also preventing sales teams from competing for key projects and customers.

Actionable Recommendations

In addition to providing clear reporting on missed rebate opportunities, RebateGPS analytics are prioritized and presented to your team as tasks so that you can take action quickly and easily. In some cases, suppliers and distributors can connect and collaborate quickly to make additions and adjustments, while in other cases you’ll be able to make adjustments as special pricing agreements (SPAs) expire or renew.

A Complete Rebate Management Solution

SPARXiQ and Enable have partnered to provide manufacturers and distributors with a complete platform for rebate management and optimization. 

  • Simplified volume rebate management
  • Clear reporting and tracking
  • Trading partner collaboration for manufacturers and distributors

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