Improve SPA administration and accuracy.

A rebate management process that works for you and your distribution partners

Manufacturers offer Special Pricing Agreements (SPAs) to distribution partners to support a wide range of end-customer and situational market needs. Because of the large volume of agreements and sizable discounts offered, SPAs can become the costliest part of your business if the process is not effectively managed.

RebateGPS is a simple, cloud-based workflow tool that helps you simplify the SPA and rebate process with your distribution partners.

Simplify Administrative Work

Reduce processing costs associated with creating and maintaining SPA records.

Ensure Accuracy

Eliminate discrepancies and financial losses resulting from miscalculation.

Improve Performance

Enable sales growth, increased profitability and more accurate forecasting.

Simplify Administrative Work

The RebateGPS platform simplifies SPA creation and management for you and your distribution partners. With both parties accessing the same records in the same interface, you can stay aligned on details including volume expectations and price commitments.

The result? A shared system of record that document pricing and terms. And, when it’s time for pricing and performance reviews, the data you need is readily available.

Ensure Accuracy

To keep things simple, many manufacturers calculate distributor rebates based on replacement cost, paying the difference between the contract price and the current into-stock price.

Unfortunately, this can result in manufacturers paying higher rebates when there is a price increase, stock is moved, or products are sold at promotional levels. 

RebateGPS maps all rebate claims to stock orders, allowing you to calculate rebates based on actual acquisition cost rather than replacement cost. This ensures that your rebate is calculated against the true price the distributor paid while also avoiding double claims.

Monitor & Improve Performance

SPAs are set up with the expectation to drive sales. However, due to management and tracking challenges, many manufacturers find themselves committed to thousands of SPAs without knowing whether the special pricing is necessary.

To help you make informed decisions about your SPAs, RebateGPS collects and analyzes data from special price agreements, rebates and cost supports to provide specific recommendations for improvement.

RebateGPS provides the reporting necessary for manufacturers to compare SPA performance with expectations, correct wasteful discounting, and optimize price and volume relationships.

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Master Special Pricing Agreement Management and Workflow

Drive sales with an improved rebate process and easily manage SPAs. Meet competitive market conditions and ease workflow.

  • Simplify SPA and rebate administration across your channel
  • Reduce discrepancies and overpayment due to miscalculations
  • Collaborate with your distributors in a single system of record

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