In many industries today, vendor Special Price Agreements (SPAs), rebates and cost supports are critical to the economic success of manufacturers and their distributors serving end customers and projects. Essentially, anywhere there is a big price differential between a product’s price sensitivity at original (planned) installation and its price at subsequent (unplanned) replacement, there will be a large price-differentiation opportunity for both manufacturers and distributors. This dynamic has created pervasive, deep complexity and operational friction between manufacturers and distributors. Both parties struggle to optimize and even to accurately/efficiently execute these complex agreements. The lost revenue and wasted organizational bandwidth are enormous – typically 10 percent or more of affected rebate value.

RebateGPS™ provides the core analytics and workflow tools to help manufacturers and their distribution partners to optimize price performance and streamline the Special Price Agreement (SPA) and rebate reconciliation processes. RebateGPS™ helps manufacturers and distributors win more business, at better terms of trade, with less friction – optimizing the price differentials and streamlining the channel cooperation model.