Distributor Business Acumen Training

Teach your team the bottom-line impact of daily decisions

Front-line distributor employees make decisions each day that heavily influence company profitability. Executives often share how they wished their employees thought more like business owners. SPARXiQ offers an interactive training experience that helps deliver exactly that.

ProfitMaster™ Workshop is a hands-on, simulation-based workshop that focuses the impacts of decisions related to supply-chain planning, procurement, sales, marketing and fulfillment.

This engaging experience provides a unique opportunity for participants to understand how their company creates profit and how better decisions are ultimately reflected in your financial statements.

ProfitMaster™ Workshop teaches business acumen interactively by simulating real business decisions and pressures. Each team of participants represents a single ‘Distributorship’ and is responsible for choosing operational and financial strategies. The teams that choose wisely perform the best, and everyone learns through the course of the simulation.

ProfitMaster™ participants gain valuable insights into:

Key Financial Metrics and Ratios

Primary Drivers of Profitability

How Front-Line Decisions Impact Results

With the hands-on experience provided by ProfitMaster™ Workshop, your team can develop critical business acumen and think more like business owners as they approach day-to-day activities.

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