Sell and serve every customer efficiently and profitably.

Clear visibility into all of the factors that determine your profitability

With your industry becoming more competitive than ever, and margins tightening as a result, it’s critical to run your business efficiently with clear visibility into your bottom-line profitability.

ProfitGPS breaks true operating costs down to the transactional level, allowing you to build up a variety of views into profitability trends across your organization. This unique level of visibility helps you optimize cost-to-serve and make smarter business decisions that deliver sizable impacts to your bottom line.


Varying sourcing practices and processes result in inconsistent margins based on vendor.


Operating costs per warehouse or branch can significantly alter net profitability on a sale.


Specific cost-to-serve factors create profit inconsistency within your customer base.


Profitability on a per-product or product line basis helps you go beyond gross margin.

ProfitGPS gives you actionable recommendations to improve each of your critical profit drivers.

SPARXiQ assembles and analyzes your transaction history, inventory, drop-ship, rebates, and other similar data to recommend profit-improving opportunities through the ProfitGPS platform.

Distributor data has shown that companies commonly lose money on a significant percentage of their invoice line items due to variable cost factors that aren’t captured. ProfitGPS accurately allocates cost-to-serve factors down to the line-item level to provide insights into what is either increasing or draining your bottom-line profit.

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eBook: Maximize Your Company's Profitability

Gain insights into your untapped bottom-line potential.

Improve decision-making for account management, customer acquisition, sales management, and recession-proof your business.

How profitable are your customers?

Gain insight into which customers are contributing to your profits, and which aren’t. Beyond historical visibility, ProfitGPS lets you model the impact of shifting volumes, margins, order sizes, and activity costs. With the right information, you can seize opportunities and correct deficiencies on a per-customer, per-territory, or per-branch basis.

Which products are most profitable?

Identify your most profitable products in order to inform product focus and promotion. On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll also be able to identify your least profitable products and build a plan for reducing their negative impact.

ProfitGPS gives you the roadmap to:

  • Measure profit in every sale, account, product, and territory
  • Focus resources and priorities into areas where the most money is made
  • Identify and address profit leaks
  • Measure and improve operational efficiency
  • Segment customers by profit value to drive pricing and customer service priorities

Unlock the Complete Picture of Your Profitability

Grow your bottom line by measuring and managing key profitability drivers and outcomes. Allocate cost-to-serve factors down to the line-item level and gain insights on what’s increasing, or draining, your bottom-line profit.

  • Measure profitability down to the transactional level
  • Identify and remediate the most critical profit leaks in your business
  • Optimize cost-to-serve to make smarter business decisions

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