Strategic Pricing with PriceGPS

Take the guesswork out of your company's pricing.

The industry’s complete strategic pricing solution.

Since 1993, SPARXiQ has been the go-to industry leader for manufacturers and distributors seeking to make pricing a strategic advantage for their business. 

Accurate Pricing

Equip your sales team with the confidence to quote accurately, no matter the product, customer, or location.

Simplified Maintenance

Streamline your pricing management with real-time control and optimization natively in your ERP system.

Optimized Margins

Leverage strategic pricing adjustments while remaining competitive to improve your bottom line by 200-400 basis points.

How It Works

PriceGPS simplifies complex pricing decisions through a straightforward, data-driven process. By analyzing customer behavior and market dynamics, it provides precise pricing recommendations, directly in your existing ERP for immediate action.

  • Data-Driven Pricing Guidance
    Turn pricing complexity into opportunity with advanced analytics to fine-tune pricing for every product and customer.

  • Sophisticated Segmentation 
    Properly differentiate pricing standards across your business based on customer type, customer size, product family, and individual item sensitivity.
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Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have transformed their pricing strategies and seen remarkable results.

“We had a very antiquated pricing model before, and what SPARXiQ brought was our real data into the equation. Instead of just the art of pricing, we had the science to back up the decisions we made. It’s been very helpful.”
Terry Ludwig
APR Supply

Proven Playbook for Success

Having supported hundreds of manufacturing and distribution companies over the past three decades, SPARXiQ has mastered the playbook for successful price optimization. We’ll guide you through the process step by step and ensure that your organization achieves its pricing goals. 

Native ERP Controls

Access advanced functionalities directly within your ERP to build a top-tier pricing framework without the need for external tools or delayed pricing updates.

Reporting and Visibility

Gain a clear view of your pricing performance with the PriceGPS Reporting Dashboard. Track, measure, and optimize your strategy with actionable insights.

Support and Expertise

Our experienced team partners with you to combine our industry-leading analytics with your team’s business understanding to maximize your profit potential.

“Their product is unbelievable with the reporting tools, and the ease of use has just been really, really, really key to what we've been doing.”
Anthony Luciano
Central Turf & Irrigation Supply

Ready to unlock the full potential of your pricing strategy?

Schedule a consultation with our experts today and take the first step towards enhanced profitability.

“SPARXiQ understands our business and they understand the impact of pricing changes and what that could mean for our business.”
Linda Gardner
Livingston & Haven
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