How To Optimize Customer Pricing For Your Business Intelligent, Optimized Pricing

SPARXiQ continues to enhance our SaaS price optimization software solutions – PriceGPS™ – that combines your understanding of markets with our powerful analytics, to identify the optimal pricing architecture for your business, focusing discounts on the most price-sensitive products and customers, where it will have the biggest payoff in competitive positioning; and extracting small premiums on less-sensitive products and customers.

PriceGPS™ takes the guesswork out of optimized pricing in complex environments, allowing your sales force to focus on serving the customer and driving value. Our process  provides for flexibility and discipline in pricing, to create a balance that works in your business.

  • PriceGPS™ evolves from Silver PriceGPS™ to our Gold and Platinum levels, to achieve increasing sophistication and impact
  • Silver PriceGPS™ builds basic pricing structures driven by quantum customer and product segmentation and product/service sensitivity ratings
  • Gold PriceGPS™ increases impact and efficacy with dynamic, micro-segment differentiation
  • Platinum PriceGPS™ profiles advanced customer-sensitivity characteristics; incorporates customer behavioral scoring; as well as quantum-level customer Cost-to-Serve analyses



  • Basic Architecture
  • Data Services: Basic Sensitivity Ratings
  • Pricing Structure: Basic Type-Size Values; and Constant Slopes and Premiums
  • Good Impact: Estimated 1.0x (2% Gain)



  • Intermediate Architecture
  • Data Services: Dynamic Sensitivity Ratings (more C/D revenue)
  • Pricing Structure: Differential Type-Size Values; & Dynamic Slopes and Premiums
  • Better Impact: Estimated 1.5x (3% Gain)



  • Advanced Architecture
  • Data Services: Dynamic Sensitivity Ratings, Type- & Customer-Specific
  • Pricing Structure: Dynamic Type-Size Values & Dynamic Slopes & Premiums; Customer-Specific Sensitivity, Behavioral Scoring & Cost-to-Serve
  • Highest Impact: Estimated 2.0x (4% Gain)

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