Take the guesswork out of your company's pricing.

The right price points that maximize revenue and margin

Complex pricing situations create challenges that cut into your bottom line. Because each of your thousands of customers, and products, has its own unique pricing considerations, your sales team cannot be expected to know the ideal price point for every sale.

PriceGPS™ helps create pricing consistency by providing your team with strategic pricing recommendations. Data-driven guidance takes the guesswork out of pricing, allowing your sales team to focus on serving the customer and driving value.

Before moving forward with a purchase decision, consider all of the pricing solutions available for your company.

Competitive Where it Counts

Focus discounts on the most price-sensitive products and customers to successfully compete in the market.

Margin Where it Matters

Capture margin opportunity by extracting small premiums on less-sensitive products and customers.

Price Based on True Customer Behavior

By applying a predictive analytical model, your team will price every sale based on true customer behavior. SPARXiQ’s proven price optimization process combines your understanding of customers and markets with an analysis of your transactional data to create an optimal pricing architecture tailored to your business.

"We were very pleased with the results we got... with minimal pushback from the customers or our employees."

– Anthony Luciano

Watch the video to learn how Central Turf & Irrigation Supply transformed their profitability through price optimization.

Simplify price management and maximize margins.

SPARXiQ partners with Epicor to provide powerful integrated price optimization solutions for companies using Prophet 21, Eclipse, and Prelude ERP systems.

The Complete Pricing Solution

Long-term pricing success requires the right analytics, tools and support. Our experienced team works closely with you to provide the comprehensive toolset needed to ensure your success.

Data-Driven Guidance

Sell at the right price for each unique sales situation based on true customer behavior.

Seamless Integration

Provide pricing recommendations directly into the systems your team uses daily.

Visibility & Control

Control and measure the pricing process through a suite of powerful reporting tools.

Tailored Recommendations by Product and Customer

When you sell a large number of products to several types of customers, your pricing system needs to accommodate a wide range of sales situations. PriceGPS creates differentiated standards within your product line and customer base to carefully recommend the right margins and price points.

Optimize Product Margins

PriceGPS evaluates each item’s true price sensitivity, rather than pricing products as a group. This granular approach ensures every product is priced correctly and allows for small premiums within product groups that unlock additional margin.

Carefully Price Your Customers

SPARXiQ works closely with you to build a pricing structure that best fits your business. With the right structure in place, PriceGPS differentiates pricing standards within your customer base to account for different types and sizes of customers, and even those that are more costly to serve.

What Our Clients Say

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Easy Implementation


PriceGPS recommendations integrate directly into your ERP system, requiring minimal change in your sales team's pricing processes.


Extracting your data, reviewing recommendations, and fully implementing the changes can be completed in as little as 30 days.


With little effort, you can realize a significant profit gain. PriceGPS customers typically turn a positive ROI within weeks of going live.

Support Your Sales Team with Ideal Price Points

Maximize margins through strategic pricing recommendations based on customer behavior and true price sensitivity.

  • Build a pricing structure specific to your business
  • Capture margin opportunities while remaining competitive
  • Support the change with expertise and reporting tools from SPARXiQ

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