PriceGPS Lite™ by SPARXiQ

The best first step to improving margins

Does your sales team know the right price for each of your unique products? PriceGPS Lite™ helps companies with large catalogs quickly and easily improve margins by pricing their products correctly.

Small Change, Big Impact

PriceGPS Lite™ quickly and easily identifies margin opportunities and recommends adjustments on low-sensitivity, high cost-to-serve items. The result? Most companies can recover hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions, in annual operating profit.


PriceGPS Lite™ is designed to integrate directly into your ERP system, requiring very little implementation support from your team.


Extracting your data, reviewing recommendations, and fully implementing the changes can be completed in 30 days or less.


With minimal investment, you can realize a significant profit gain. Use the calculator below to see exactly how much.

Uncover True Price Sensitivity

What makes PriceGPS Lite™ so powerful is its ability to quickly and accurately evaluate each individual item’s true price sensitivity, rather than pricing products as a group. Where many companies focus mostly on volume and velocity of sales, SPARXiQ provides a proprietary statistical evaluation that incorporates twelve key sensitivity factors. 

The result? Product-specific pricing that accounts for the subtle nuances in your markets.

Focus on the Non-Core

Pricing projects can encounter resistance from customers or the sales team when core item prices are increased. For this reason, PriceGPS Lite™ uses a detailed statistical analysis to only focus on items with low price sensitivity.

Because of this careful approach, our clients rarely encounter any resistance from the sales team or customers.

The fact is, many companies can realize significant profit improvement by just addressing the non-core items PriceGPS Lite™ targets.

Free Calculator

Wondering what SPARXiQ pricing solutions can do for your company’s bottom line? Use the sliders in this simple Margin Improvement Calculator to find out!

Results in 30 Days

Unlocking profit improvement with PriceGPS Lite™ is easier than you think. The process is simple:

Data Export

Simple export of your transactional data from your ERP system


SPARXiQ analysis provides recommendations, with the ability for you to configure


Recommendations go live within 30 days, with minimal staff time required

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