Capture a complete picture of end-customer buying behavior.

A simple and secure platform for gathering sales data from your channel partners

Efficiently capturing point-of-sale (POS) data from your distribution channel can be challenging due to a lack of standardization. And, when you are receiving inconsistent and sometimes incomplete data, it’s difficult to translate it to actionable insights.

POSConnection simplifies the process by providing a secure, unified platform for your distributors to provide you with the relevant sales data you need to support them in growing sales of your product lines.

Streamline Data Transfer

Simplify your channel partners’ process for transferring relevant sales data to make it easier, more secure, and more consistent than ever before.

Uncover Actionable Insights

A complete view of market trends helps you better understand your end customer, make smarter strategic decisions, and enable your distributors to grow your product lines.

Point-of-Sale Data Capture for Your Channel

POSConnection makes point-of-sale data transfer simple and safe for you and your distributors. Each distributor provides a single, secure upload of their relevant transactional data directly to the platform. You then can access a consolidated, standardized file with the appropriate point-of-sale data for your products.

Because transaction data is sensitive, POSConnection adheres to strict privacy and cybersecurity practices to encrypt and protect each party’s data throughout the process. No longer will you have to send and receive sensitive customer and product data through non-secure emails and spreadsheets.

Industry Point-of-Sale Hubs

SPARXiQ is proud to partner with leading industry associations to support member companies with POSConnection.



The Insights You Need to Accelerate Channel Growth

Through POSConnection, manufacturers and their distribution partners have consistent, actionable data to accelerate sales and improve their channel collaboration. With a streamlined process and improved data security, capturing point-of-sale data has never been easier or more secure.

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Make the Most of Your Point-of-Sale Data

Maximize your point-of-sale information by creating an ideal environment to manage data and share records with distributors. A secured, centralized hub like POSConnection simplifies the data transferring process between manufacturers and distributors. 

  • Send and receive relevant sales transaction records with ease.
  • Understand your product lines and discover up-sell opportunities.
  • Use point-of-sale data to get ahead of the trends and strengthen your place in markets.

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