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Online Personality Theory Training

When business professionals interact with colleagues and customers, effective communication is critical. Personality Quotient (PQ) is an online training program that teaches a focused approach to communication based on personality-type theory. With the insights gained from the program, salespeople and other business professionals will improve their interactions by more deeply understanding the nuances of different personality types.

Personality Quotient Helps You:

Understand Your Own Personality

What is it about you that makes you who you are? Learn what personality traits define how you process information, make decisions, and interact with others.

Read Others' Personality Cues

Identify the personality types of those you interact with in your personal and professional life. Apply personality theory to better understand others.

Improve Communication

Based on an understanding of others' personality types, know how to best reach them as you interact in personal and professional settings.

Personality Quotient is available through two separate video-based programs.

The Four Temperaments

In the PQ 1.0 program, participants explore the four high-level personality temperaments based on the work of psychologist David Keirsey.

  • Identify the major four personality temperaments, which are SJ, SP, NT, and NF. 
  • Know how to read and reach each temperament group 
  • Incorporate personality theory into day-to-day business and personal interaction and foster a relationship with anyone 

The Sixteen Personality Types 

In the PQ 2.0 program, participants learn advanced skills for tailoring communication with each of the sixteen personality types. 

  • Decipher how you and your counterparts focus attention and get your energy 
  • Understand how you and your counterparts prefer to take in information 
  • Know how you and your counterparts prefer to make decisions 
  • Realize how you and your counterparts prefer to organize your lives 

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Tailor Communication in Every Interaction

Communicate more effectively by understanding different personalities. Learn the best way to form relationships with decision makers. 

  • Learn cues that help you identify important personality traits in others
  • Improve communication by tailoring to individuals’ personality types
  • Understand how your personality interacts with other types

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