Partnerships & Affiliations

Technology Partners

Since 2008, SPARXiQ has been Epicor’s exclusive strategic pricing partner, providing enhanced pricing functionality natively in the Eclipse, Profit21, and Prelude ERP systems.

SPARXiQ partners with Enable to provide manufacturers and distributors with an complete rebate management solution that includes data-driven recommendations to optimize ship and debit rebates.

The WebPresented WPCRM platform benefits from added SPARXiQ functionality in two ways: Price Bands that help distributor sales reps set intelligent price targets, and integrated CRM templates based on the Modern Sales Foundations sales training program methodology.

This strategic partnership allows Phocas users to leverage SPARXiQ’s advanced sales analytics and customer-specific recommendations directly in the Phocas platform.

Rubber Tree customers can benefit from SPARXiQ customer-specific sales analytics available directly in their Rubber Tree platform.

In addition to being a preferred training content partner to Allego’s sales enablement platform customers, SPARXiQ partners with Allego to offer the Empower sales enablement platform to manufacturers and distributors in the industrial B2B space.

Industry Associations

Technology User Groups

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