Sales Rep Onboarding

A New Look at Onboarding Sales Reps

You’ve hired the right sales talent. Now, you need to set them up to succeed. Start success with onboarding and pre-boarding. 

Whether it’s products or services, buyer personas, sales processes, sales methodology, pricing, competitors, or more, newly hired sales reps need to learn a lot of things quickly. Your sales onboarding content needs to communicate everything they’ll need for success.

Empower Onboarding Sales Reps with Dynamic Learning

Best-in-class sales organizations onboard sales talent differently than they did five years ago. The environment sales teams face is far more dynamic than for any other corporate function. Products evolve and markets change constantly. Competitive messaging must be countered, and customers demand immediate responses. 

Ramp Sales Reps Faster

Improve time to productivity by amplifying training sessions with on-demand videos, personalized coaching, and point-in-time feedback.

Reduce Onboarding Costs

Reduce hours spent in classroom and on-site training sessions. Pre-boarding curriculum that puts key information into the hands of your new hires immediately.

Boost Sales Effectiveness

Enable sales reps to practice skills learned during their sales onboarding sessions with using a “just for me” approach that reinforces each rep’s knowledge.

Take Advantage of Modern Learning Practices

SPARXiQ Empower™ Learning & Knowledge Platform

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