Negotiation Training

Develop the skills that defend margin

In today’s world, where competition is intense and margins are narrow, sales teams cannot afford to leave money on the table. The reality is that over 70% of buyers have been professionally trained in negotiation skills and, sadly, less than 15% of salespeople have received similar training. The playing field is uneven, resulting in sellers compromising margin to get a sale when a buyer uses negotiation tactics. 

Negotiation Quotient (NQ) teaches the skills that increase profitability in all situations, from transactional sales to long-term strategic agreements.

SPARXiQ-trained negotiators are uniquely capable of countering tough tactics and crafting superior win-win agreements.

Negotiation Quotient™ is available in two different programs designed to teach negotiation skills that apply to specific situations:

Tactical Negotiation (NQ1)
Eye-opening lessons on pressure and planning provide salespeople with what feels like a secret weapon. Understand the tactics you’re constantly running into and learn how to counter them.

Relationship-Focused Negotiation (NQ2)

In long-term business relationships, you can craft true win-win agreements if you have the skill to create and capture maximum value. 

Participants who master these courses will:

  • Develop an array of skills to identify and counter the other party’s tactics
  • Develop strategies to craft superior deals
  • Create strong deals even in the face of price pressure
  • Deploy best practices that drive value and defend margin

Negotiation Quotient™ is available as a virtual, video-based program or a live on-site seminar.

Virtual Programs

SPARXiQ virtual training programs provide an engaging, video-based learning experience. Virtual courses are produced by the award-winning SPARXiQ creative team and delivered through short episodes of Hollywood-quality content format that keeps learners engaged.

Live Seminars

Bring SPARXiQ content to life for your team through interactive instructor-led programs, Your team learns and practices strategies that make in impact in their performance. Live seminars include hands-on exercises and lively discussions to help attendees apply the concepts.

Help Your Team Preserve Margins in Negotiation

Developing negotiation skills put your sellers on the same level as the buyers they interact with daily.

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