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In today’s business environment, where competition is broad and margins are narrow, sales teams cannot afford to leave money on the table. 

The reality is that over 70 percent of buyers are professionally trained in negotiation skills and sadly, less than 15 percent of salespeople have received similar training. The playing field is uneven, resulting in sellers compromising margin to get a sale when a buyer uses negotiation tactics. 

Negotiation Quotient (NQ) teaches sales professionals to capture the value they’ve created, protecting profitability in the process.

Negotiation Quotient Helps Sellers:

Understand Pressure

While there are pressures on you as a seller, there are also on the buyer. Learn to identify the specific pressures the buyer is facing.

Set Better Targets

Maintain control in the moment during a negotiation. Learn how to have healthy expectations and build a plan prior.

Counter Tactics

Buyers use negotiation tactics to get the best deal they can. Learn how to respond to tactics without caving on price.

SPARXiQ-trained negotiators are uniquely capable of countering tough tactics and crafting superior win-win agreements

Negotiation Quotient is available as two video-based programs focused on different negotiation situations.

Tactical & Competitive Negotiation

Learn the fundamental approaches to improve outcomes in transactional negotiations. Negotiation Quotient 1.0 features 13 episodes for a total runtime of 3.5 hours and teaches core negotiation strategies and tactics.

  • Understand pressure
  • Targets and expectations
  • How to counter tactics
  • Concession making

Relationship-Focused Negotiation

Negotiate ideal win-win outcomes for long-term business relationships. The 12 episodes (total runtime of 4.2 hours) in NQ2 teach negotiators to “expand the pie” to build mutual satisfaction in multiple-issue negotiations.

  • Advanced transactional strategies and tactics
  • Preparation for transactional and integrative bargaining
  • Expand the pie to reach an agreement
  • Learn win-win strategies and tactics

Ensure Better Negotiation Outcomes

Teach sales professionals how to capture the value they’ve created, while increasing profitability in the process.

  • Uncover buyer pressures to even the playing field
  • Successfully respond to buyer tactics and limit concessions
  • Maintain control of negotiations

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