Excerpts from the NAW Executive Sales Forums hosted by SPARXiQ

Beginning in 2020, SPARXiQ has supported the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) Executive Summit with half-day events centered around sales effectiveness and sales transformation in distribution. If you were unable to attend, or want to revisit some of the valuable sessions, you can find recordings below.

2023 Full Length Recordings

Panel: Profitable Growth Strategies from Industry Leaders

Host: David Bauders 

Panelists: Kathleen Shanahan, Scott Scheunke

Fireside Chat: Why Sales Transformation?

David Bauders Randy Breaux

Panel: Building & Enabling a Next-Gen Sales Force

Host: Doug Wyatt

Panelists: Courtney Enser, Ben Hensler, Scott Toth

Panel: Evolving Distributor Sales Models

Host: Tom Gale

Panelists: Bob Decker, Randy Eddy, Anne Vranicic

Sales as an Engine for Profitable Growth

David Bauders

2023 Shorts

Scott Scheunke and Kathleen Shanahan share the key areas that impact profitability.

Courtney Enser on the generational shifts in sellers’ cultural needs at Millcraft.

Scott Toth and Courtney Enser share what sales organizations must do differently today than in years’ past.

Randy Breaux discusses how Motion’s sales management team drives organizational change.

Randy Breaux on some of the various business transformations Motion has undertaken in recent years.

Randy Breaux on the importance of professional sales training for Motion’s sellers.

Randy Breaux distinguishes between sales growth and profitable sales growth.

Randy Breaux on strategically guiding sales reps to optimize sales growth and margin.

Ben Hensler on sales training investments at Motion & Control Enterprises (MCE).

Ben Hensler discusses what it takes to unite a company that has grown with acquisitions.

2022 Full Length Recordings

Aligning Sales with Today's Buyers

Mike Marks & Mike Kunkle

Panel: Optimizing the Distributor Sales Model

Mike Marks hosts a panel featuring Stu Tisdale and Ron Calhoun

Steering a Big Ship: Sales Transformation in Large Companies

David Bauders & Randy Breaux

Panel: Driving Sales Effectiveness in Distribution

Doug Wyatt hosts a panel featuring James Howe, Bob Decker, and James Gerdes

Digital Sales Tools for Today's Sales Teams

Yuchun Lee

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