NAW Executive Sales Forum hosted by SPARXiQ

With increased access to digital content, buyers are doing more of their buying research independent of their sellers. The pandemic accelerated that change exponentially, perhaps cramming a decade of change into 18 months. Industry research shows that sellers haven’t kept up, and buyers are switching to suppliers who “get” how they buy.

Changing sales strategies, models and processes is difficult and requires executive support. On January 25th, industry leading sales experts and practitioners discussed the key issues distributor sales teams face and the pathways to their success. View the session recordings below to learn how to navigate and master the forces of change and build successful initiatives to secure your revenue growth and strategic positioning.

Aligning Sales with Today's Buyers

Mike Marks & Mike Kunkle

Optimizing the Distributor Sales Model

Mike Marks hosts a panel of distribution industry leaders

Steering a Big Ship: Sales Transformation in Large Companies

David Bauders & Randy Breaux

Driving Sales Effectiveness in Distribution

Doug Wyatt hosts a panel of distribution industry leaders

Digital Sales Tools for Today's Sales Teams

Yuchun Lee