Modern Sales Foundations

Online Sales Training for B2B Sales Teams

Modern Sales Foundations (MSF) is an online, video-based sales training program that helps B2B sales teams like yours sell more effectively.

Break the Sales Training Mold

Classroom training rarely sticks and traditional eLearning doesn’t grab your team’s attention to begin with. Thankfully, there is a better way. Through a combination of on-demand, television-style episodes and interactive activities and exercises, your team will successfully develop new skills and habits that lead to lasting success.  

“This is what every training should look like. Amazing, insightful, and no fluff. It keeps your attention during the entire episode.”
Sergey Gordejev
Account Strategist, Google

Acquire Key Sales Skills That Matter Today

Selling is much different today than it was even just a few years ago. Bridge the gap with sales skills and strategies that produce top performers in today’s complex B2B sales environment.  

“The content is on point for new or veteran salespeople.”
Tom W
President in the Financial Services Industry

Fit For Your Sales Team

Thanks to its on-demand deployment and flexible design, Modern Sales Foundations supports sales teams of all sizes with a wide range of selling roles. You’ll achieve consistency across your team, ramp new hires up quickly, and squeeze additional performance from your veterans and high achievers.

Align and energize all of your various sales roles – account executives, territory managers, business development reps, and even sales engineers. Every member of your team will learn selling strategies to take the next step in their career, while helping your company reach its goals.

Complete Sales Training Toolkit

Provide your team with an entire suite of sales training resources that create a memorable, actionable, and impactful experience.

MSF is designed to help your team focus on one topic at a time to allow for successful adoption. The supportive resources and exercises ensure your team will apply what they learn to everyday sales situations with confidence.

“I could not be happier with the content, the production quality, the ancillary materials, and particularly the support of the SPARXiQ team. Truly top notch.”
Levi Tully
Executive VP of Sales, Reliable Controls

Ready to discover a sales training system that truly works for your company?

The Skill Development Program for Your Sales Team

Get Started Quickly

MSF is on-demand and ready to go to work for your team. No need for lengthy development time, logistical planning, or long days in the classroom.


Available Anywhere

Load MSF into your company’s learning management system (LMS) to supplement other resources your team already uses.

Don’t have one? SPARXiQ can provide your team access in a dedicated platform with complete reporting.


Scalable for Companies Big and Small

Entry-level plans are available for teams as small as 10, but the virtual nature of the program also makes it a great fit for large teams spread across a large geography.

Preview Sample Episodes:

Frequently Asked Questions

MSF provides modern sales strategies that are universal and apply to virtually any B2B sale. Companies spanning a wide range of industries, including both goods and services, have found tremendous value in the program.

Modern Sales Foundations provides frameworks for selling rather than scripts, teaching sellers how to think instead of what to say. Once these concepts are presented, your team will have tools and exercises to help them apply them to everyday sales situations, in their own words.

Absolutely! For some companies, Modern Sales Foundations is used to establish a sales methodology that they’ve never had before. For others, it fills in gaps and adds a modern, buyer-centric perspective to the training programs they already have in place.

Modern Sales Foundations is a video sales training program that salespeople love to watch. When your team watches the program in small chunks each week, you’ll find that your sellers pay attention and remember what’s taught. On top of that, reference materials, practice exercises and manager resources give your sales team everything it needs to ensure they’ll be able to apply what they learn to everyday sales situations.

Modern Sales Foundations is broken up into individual modules and designed to be taken a little bit each week so the information sticks with your team and it doesn’t require extensive time away from selling. Typical companies prefer to spread the program over several months with their salespeople responsible for watching 30-60 minutes of video each week. This provides a digestible and memorable experience.

Our Implementation Consultant will work with you to design the right deployment schedule that fits your team’s goals and timeline.

Yes! Your team can view Modern Sales Foundations on the SPARXiQ platform with full manager reporting functionality, or the program can be provided to your team to deploy on your own LMS.

Modern Sales Foundations is priced based on the number of users who participate in the program. Small sales teams can get started for under $10,000. Our standard packages even includes implementation support and personalized follow-up meetings with your managers.

Best of all, it’s a 100% virtual program so you won’t need to be paying for flights, hotel rooms, or meals. Contact our team to right-size a package that fits your goals.

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