Modern Sales Foundations Product Tour

Join Modern Sales Foundations (MSF) co-creators Mike Kunkle and Doug Wyatt as they share what makes the program stand out and deliver measurable results for sales teams.

Modern Sales Foundations delivers what your team needs:

Engaging Episodes on Demand

The core concepts in MSF are presented through cinematic, 20-minute episodes. By spacing and pacing your sales training, your reps will be able to digest and remember what they learn.

Resources & Supporting Tools

Visual, easy-to-use reference materials and interactive worksheets give your team what they need to remember, practice, and apply what they learn.

Playbooks for Managers & Trainers

Arm your front-line managers and sales trainers with complete reinforcement guidance that includes Q&A, discussion points, practice exercises, and coaching tips

Ready to discover a sales training system that truly works for your company?