Modern Sales Foundations™

Use a buyer-centric approach to improve sales results

With significant changes in the modern buying process, what it takes for salespeople to deliver value has evolved. Because today’s buyers can do more to understand their problems and research solutions on their own, modern sales teams must add value beyond what a website or app can deliver. Emerging top performers in today’s sales organizations employ a buyer-centric approach to create differentiating value.

Modern Sales Foundations™ (MSF) is an end-to-end sales training program that teaches sellers the buyer-centric strategies and approaches needed to excel in today’s marketplace.


Modern Sales Foundations™ applies buyer-centric methodology to activities in every phase of the sales process:

Prospect Development

Build awareness, interest, and a relationship in order to successfully engage with buyers.

Opportunity Management

Convert prospects to customers by effectively aligning your solutions to their objectives and specific needs

Account Management

Retain and grow accounts by continually reinforcing and building your solution’s value.

Engaging Video Learning

Modern Sales Foundations™ is delivered virtually through episode-length videos and reinforced with supporting resources. Each impactful episode focuses on a key skill or competency necessary to add value in every customer interaction throughout the sales process. The award-winning SPARXiQ creative team has produced a program that your sales team will connect with and learn from at the same time. Sellers come away from each episode with the ability to implement fundamental strategies and tactics to approach their sales opportunities in an optimal way.

Stay Tuned

Modern Sales Foundations™ is in production and will be available later in 2020. Contact us if you'd like to learn more and would like to have your team ready when it is available.

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