Modern Sales Foundations Virtual Training Program Now Available

SPARXiQ is proud to announce that Modern Sales Foundations (MSF), a new end-to-end virtual sales training program, is now available. Built on a methodology written by sales experts Mike Kunkle and Doug Wyatt, and produced by the SPARXiQ Studios team, MSF offers an engaging video-based training solution designed for today’s complex sales situations.

The program, centered around binge-worthy video modules, gives sellers the tools to apply buyer-centric sales approaches throughout the entire sales cycle. It is delivered through a blend of television-inspired formats and provides an entertaining, episodic experience that helps learners absorb and retain key concepts.

A complete sales training suite, Modern Sales Foundations includes:

  • 13 hours of high-quality video content, broken into bite-sized episodes
  • Reinforcement guides for learners
  • Interactive worksheet exercises to easily practice and apply key concepts
  • Comprehensive manager guides for facilitating on-going coaching and reinforcement

MSF expands upon SPARXiQ’s existing specialized programs focusing on negotiation, business relationship, and other skill-building topics.

Modern Sales Foundations can be purchased for use in SPARXiQ’s native platform, in a number of partner learning platforms and can also be loaded directly into clients’ third-party LMS systems.

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