Modern Sales Foundations Virtual Training Program Now Available

SPARXiQ is proud to announce that Modern Sales Foundations (MSF), a new end-to-end virtual sales training program, is now available. Built on a methodology written by sales experts Mike Kunkle and Doug Wyatt, and produced by the SPARXiQ Studios team, MSF offers an engaging video-based training solution designed for today’s complex sales situations.

The program, centered around binge-worthy video modules, gives sellers the tools to apply buyer-centric sales approaches throughout the entire sales cycle. It is delivered through a blend of television-inspired formats and provides an entertaining, episodic experience that helps learners absorb and retain key concepts.

A complete sales training suite, Modern Sales Foundations includes:

  • 13 hours of high-quality video content, broken into bite-sized episodes
  • Reinforcement guides for learners
  • Interactive worksheet exercises to easily practice and apply key concepts
  • Comprehensive manager guides for facilitating on-going coaching and reinforcement

MSF expands upon SPARXiQ’s existing specialized programs focusing on negotiation, business relationship, and other skill-building topics.

Modern Sales Foundations can be purchased for use in SPARXiQ’s native platform, in a number of partner learning platforms and can also be loaded directly into clients’ third-party LMS systems.

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What happens after the last module is completed? In this post, you’ll see how to incorporate what the sales team learned into everyday activities and facilitate it.

The key to sustained superior business performance is holistically mastering the metrics that matter. These metrics clarify the appropriate strategic pathway for distributors for industry evolution. There’s a lot of wealth to be generated by understanding and availing the forces of elite performance within a given market vertical.

SPARXiQ is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with Phocas Software. The two companies have joined forces to integrate SPARXiQ's SalesGPS into the Phocas BI platform.

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