Manufacturer Sales Growth

Grow revenue by building a high-performing sales team

In today’s marketplace, manufacturer sales teams must differentiate by adding value that goes beyond what their products provide. Industry leaders who invest in developing their sales and channel sales teams consistently outperform their competition.

SPARXiQ helps manufacturers maximize the performance of their direct and channel sales teams.


Hire and develop top sales talent that delivers results and builds stronger channel and customer relationships.


Provide training that builds the sales competencies that separate top-performing sellers from the rest.

One of the biggest barriers to improving sales performance is knowing where the gaps are for a given salesperson, team, or sales organization.

That’s why SPARXiQ offers comprehensive sales team evaluations. With the right data-driven visibility into your sales team’s strengths and weaknesses, you can make informed decisions to focus on the tools, training, and processes that can make the most significant impact for your company specifically.

In today’s competitive marketplace, hiring top sales talent can be difficult. Companies struggle to attract enough skilled candidates and have trouble distinguishing the best from the rest based on resumes and interviews alone.

SPARXiQ helps companies attract, interview, and hire top performers with the help of  industry-leading talent selection assessments that are proven to be predictive of future success.

Today’s competitive marketplace requires salespeople to differentiate by truly understanding customer needs and delivering maximum value beyond what the solution provides on its own.

SPARXiQ provides a variety of sales skills training programs focused on the skill sets that separate top performers from their competition.

For channel sales teams, it is critical to understand how distributors operate and generate a profit. ProfitMaster™ Workshop is an interactive business simulation presented as an engaging game-based learning experience. Designed specifically around distribution business models, the workshop teaches the fundamentals of how business decisions are reflected in the bottom line.

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