Manufacturer Price Optimization

Improve profitability by taking the guesswork out of your company's pricing.

Complex pricing situations create inefficient pricing behavior that cuts into your bottom line. The modern multi-channel sales model common among manufacturers can create inconsistent pricing patterns, often leaving profit dollars on the table.

An intelligent pricing approach ensures that companies can maximize profitability on direct and channel sales. Our experienced team works closely with you to configure the ideal pricing solution for your company’s specific needs.

Intelligent Analytics

Ensure that your team is selling at the right price for each unique sales situation

Workflow Integration

Deliver price recommendations directly into the systems where you need them

Training & Support

Provide your team with what it takes for pricing to be successful

SPARXiQ has delivered price optimization results for hundreds of companies over 25 years. SPARXiQ solutions provide pricing discipline while allowing for flexibility in order to deliver a carefully configured pricing solution for your business. 

With the help of the right pricing solution, your company can be the next to discover a significant profit improvement.

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Maximize your margins through strategic pricing recommendations. PriceGPS™ from SPARXiQ combines your understanding of markets with proven analytics deliver the optimal pricing architecture for your business, one that provides both discipline and flexibility.

Gain control and boost profitability throughout your contract and special pricing agreement (SPA) business. ContractGPS™ is a cloud-based, ERP-agnostic platform that provides clear visibility and control over your wide-ranging SPA and contract price records.

Support your margin-improvement goals by providing your sales team the strategies and skills to preserve price points. Negotiation Quotient (NQ) teaches the skills that increase profitability in all situations, from transactional sales to long-term strategic agreements.