List Price Optimization

Capture margin opportunities on sales through your channel

List price management can be both a challenge and a missed opportunity for manufacturers. Companies often resort to flat price increases to meet financial goals, but this creates price misalignment in the marketplace. Sensitive items can become overpriced and the least sensitive can actually be underpriced.

SPARXiQ provides pricing solutions that help manufacturers align list prices to true market sensitivity, allowing them to simultaneously drive revenue growth and improve margin. 

The right list price approach accounts for both market sensitivity and cost to serve and applies small premiums accordingly:

Competitive, Sensitive Items

Products that are sold in a competitive landscape, or even commoditized, must be identified and priced strategically

Low-Sensitivity, Specialty Items

Capture margin opportunity by extracting small premiums on less-sensitive products, particularly those with a high cost to serve

Quick and Easy

SPARXiQ automates and integrates the often-intensive annual process of determining list price adjustments and provides data-driven recommendations in less than 30 days. With our help, you can see significant bottom-line improvement for you and your distribution partners quickly.

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