Optimize stock levels throughout your channel

An intelligent inventory strategy for your distribution channel puts you in the best position to secure every sales opportunity. However, with visibility only into their own business, distributors don’t always know what items they could be selling if they were stocked at optimal levels.

InventoryGPS™ from SPARXiQ helps manufacturers and their distributors to optimize their sales conversion and profitability.

The InventoryGPS™ system compares every distributor’s current inventory to the optimal inventory positions in order to identify:

Inefficient Ordering

 Order patterns that are not aligned with true demand, creating costly operational inefficiency

Stock Additions

Lines or products to add to inventory in order to grow sales, with recommended order quantities and reserve stock values.

Overstocked Products

Opportunities for reducing stock levels to free up cash that can be allocated to sales-boosting SKUs.

Removal Recommendations

Products that should be returned and removed from stock based on poor alignment with market needs

To provide individual, tailored stock recommendations to each distributor through InventoryGPS™, SPARXiQ collects and analyzes select transactional data using proprietary algorithms. The system accounts for all the key drivers of demand: anticipated customer demand, market trends, product life cycle, and product gaps in a distributor’s stock portfolio.

Improved Performance and Efficiency

Improved stock levels result in happier end-customers, more profitable distributors, and stronger manufacturer sales. InventoryGPS™ predictably increases sales by 10-20 percent on under-sold product families. In addition, InventoryGPS™ provides ongoing reporting on the operational efficiency of your distributors, individually and collectively. 

By leveraging data that only you have access to as the manufacturer, you can build a robust channel engagement strategy to drive profitable growth for both your company and your distributors.

Want to learn more?

Download the InventoryGPS™ technical brochure for more information.