Price Optimization for Infor SX.e

Maximize margins with intelligent price recommendations.

SPARXiQ provides distributors using Infor SX.e with powerful integrated price optimization solutions. Intelligent price analytics deliver significant results by strategically pricing individual products as well as customers.

Over the past decade, hundreds of distributors have taken advantage of this solution to significantly improve margins and bottom-line profitability. Thanks to the integration into SX.e, data transfers are simple and minimal configuration is required. 

infor A+ pricing solution

Unlock the power of SX.e to help you optimize pricing.

SPARXiQ offers two primary levels of service to fit distributors’ needs. As an entry-level offering, Switch™ provides impressive results quickly, with minimal effort required, by simply pricing individual SKUs strategically. For companies looking to maximize their results, upgrading to PriceGPS™ delivers even more significant results by incorporating customer segmentation into the pricing models.

By integrating price optimization analytics into your SX.e ERP system, you can quickly and easily add significant gains to your bottom line. Learn more about Switch™ and PriceGPS™ below, and Contact SPARXiQ if you have any questions. Your price optimization journey is just a few clicks away.

Product-Specific Pricing

Switch™ by SPARXiQ
1-2% Net Profit Improvement
  • Price each SKU strategically
  • Integration into Infor SX.e
  • Minimal Client Resources Required
  • Results in under 30 days

Customer- and Product-Specific Pricing

2-4% Net Profit Improvement
  • Price each SKU strategically
  • Price based on customer sensitivity
  • Integration into Infor SX.e
  • Results in 90 days

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does my team need to commit to implement a SPARXiQ pricing solution in SX.e?

Switch™ can deliver results with less than one week of your staff’s time. PriceGPS™, while still much easier to implement than many other pricing solutions on the market, requires slightly more effort due to the customer segmentation and configuration process. You can gain significantly better performance in exchange for this additional effort.

What data do I need to provide?

SPARXiQ pricing solutions analyze your invoice data, which can be easily exported directly from SX.e

Can I start with Switch™ and then advance to PriceGPS™?

Absolutely. Many companies start with Switch™ as an entry point to get results quickly. After that, you can upgrade to the PriceGPS™ tiers to unlock even more margin opportunity.

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