Upgrade Your Sales Effectiveness with Prioritization

One of the most challenging aspects of leading a sales effectiveness or sale enablement function is deciding what to do first and how to prioritize your projects for maximum impact.

While there is no “one right way” to prioritize your initiatives, there is a logic to how you should proceed and several proven-effective approaches that you can apply based on your situation.

Join Mike Kunkle in this episode of Sales Effectiveness Straight Talk™ to learn the best practices for prioritizing your initiatives to improve your performance outcomes.

You’ll learn how to strategically:

  • Prioritize initiatives based GTM plans, talent, and tactical execution
  • Use the Sales Effectiveness Acumens and Fundamentals of Sales Effectiveness
  • Use Sales Enablement Building Blocks as a diagnostic tool and prioritization guide

Register now to attend the live session or watch the recording to learn about prioritizing your sales effectiveness improvement initiatives to get the results you want!

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