Unlock Profit Potential Waiting in Your P21 ERP

SPARXiQ’s years of studying transaction data has shown that distributors actually lose money when selling many low-demand products. The reason? Many companies don’t account for cost-to-serve variances that apply to long-tail, low-sensitivity items. Combined with cost-plus or list-down pricing methods, this creates a costly problem.

Switch™ by SPARXiQ uses intelligent analytics to identify items that have incremental cost factors where an appropriate adjustment can make the most significant difference. And, best of all, your P21 ERP system offers a native integration that can make these adjustments quickly and seamlessly.

Join David Bauders, CEO of SPARXiQ as he shares how companies use the power of their P21 ERP to make these small adjustments that result in 1-to-2 percent bottom line profit improvement… in less than four weeks.

This is a private webinar for P21WWUG members.

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