6 Steps to Transition to Buyer-Centric Selling

70% of today’s buyers wait until they have fully defined needs, and 44% identify the best solution on their own before engaging with sellers. As modern buyers embrace self-service (via the internet, social media, etc.) for much of their buyers’ journey, traditional selling techniques just aren’t cutting it anymore.

Being buyer-centric may be the single most impactful thing you can do to radically transform your sales force and the results they produce for your company. Buyer-centric selling is about selling the way modern buyers want to buy. This helps salespeople earn their buyers’ trust and become consultative problem-solvers.

Attend this webinar to learn how to infuse buyer-centric thinking and behavior in everything you do throughout the entire sales cycle. You’ll come away with modern sales techniques to:

  • Understand your buyers and decision makers
  • Flip the script to buyer-centric messaging
  • Do exceptional discovery to uncover true buyer needs
  • Qualify and ensure your solution’s alignment
  • Co-create solutions to solve buyers’ specific problems
  • Manage the process and meet decision criteria
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