The Secrets of Sales Methodology Adoption

According to ATD’s last State of Sales Training report, 59% of respondents reported that the single largest inhibitor to sales training success was the inability to hold sales reps accountable for using what they learned in training. Unfortunately, this challenge directly and negatively impacts sales methodology adoption.

There are many benefits to having a consistent sales methodology:

  • A common language that improves internal communication
  • Clear expectations and dependable selling behaviors
  • A consistent customer experience
  • More efficient training and better-targeted coaching
  • The ability to reliably A/B test and assess sales effectiveness
  • And more.

Unfortunately, if you can’t maximize your methodology implementation to get adoption, you’ll never enjoy these benefits or maximize your sales force’s full potential.

In this Sales Effectiveness Straight Talk webinar, Mike Kunkle and Tinique Lenderman will share a three-part, proven-effective system for implementing a sales methodology that will direct you to:

  • Prepare for change to ensure change readiness and get the buy-in you need
  • Guide the change, using a five-stage model that ensures both learning and on-the-job application
  • Cement the changes through accountability measures and wrapping them into performance management practices and the culture
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