How to Hire Sales Pros That Deliver Results

Hiring right has always been important, especially for sales roles, which are like the Olympic athletes of business or corporate astronauts (they need to have “the right stuff”). Right now, this is even more true than it usually is, and even more important that your new sales hires can sell (possibly remotely, for a while) and deliver the results you need.

So, whether you are hiring right now, during our current pandemic crisis, or planning to ramp up or grow again as we move into an economic recovery, your hiring decisions for sales are going to be more critical than ever. You need to get it right.

Join Doug Wyatt and Mike Kunkle in this episode of Sales Enablement Straight Talk™, to learn how to implement a proven-effective system that combines selection methods to radically improve your hiring success.

Stop rolling the dice and hoping – and start hiring sales pros that deliver results!

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