Industry Experts Uncover the Secret to Sales Coaching Success

We all know that sales coaching can radically improve the performance of a sales force. But, as a Sales or Sales Enablement Leader, how do you help your front line sales managers get the very best results possible for their time and effort? This is where many coaching initiatives fall short and why they don’t always stick. The potential of coaching is enormous, but many don’t know how to realize it.


In this panel webinar, our host, Mike Kunkle, is joined by three expert panelists – Lori Richardson, Dave Brock, and Jason Jordan – who will share:

  • Their definitions of sales coaching
  • The results that are possible to achieve, from coaching done well
  • Their advice for managers on how to coach effectively
  • What gets in the way of sales coaching excellence
  • How to implement a coaching program to get results
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