How Sales Coaching Excellence Can Supercharge Your Sales Force

Anecdotally, we all know it. Some have experienced it firsthand. Academic and corporate research supports it. Yes, sales coaching can make a significant improvement in the performance of your sales force.

But, as a Sales Enablement leader, how do you help your front line sales managers get the very best results possible for their time and effort? This is where many coaching initiatives fall short and often why they don’t stick. The potential is huge, but many don’t know how to realize it.

In this episode of Sales Enablement Straight Talk™, Doug and Mike share how you can help your managers:

  • Use sales analytics to determine where to spend their coaching time to get the biggest impact
  • Use the ROAM model with field observation to analyze the targeted performance gaps, validate root causes, and establish possible solutions
  • Determine the best solutions – including the 1) best-practice content that will close the gap (the missing knowledge or skill) and 2) the best type of solution (training, coaching, or something else)
  • Use simple field training and sales coaching models to support their reps in achieving skill mastery
  • Establish a regular coaching cadence to help reps continue to develop skills and achieve their best possible results over time
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