Pump Up Your Pipeline with Better Prospect Conversion

Buyers today don’t need a salesperson to answer technical questions or to understand a product’s features and functionality, they can find that stuff online. Instead, they need their specific goals to be understood and their desired outcomes to be achieved. That’s easier said than done.

Tune in to Modern Sales Straight Talk™ the first Thursday of each month to learn how to apply buyer-centric thinking to everyday sales activities, providing you with proven-effective practices that can shift your approach and transform your sales results.

Join hosts Mike Kunkle and Doug Wyatt in this episode to learn how to apply buyer-centric thinking to your prospecting for better conversion.

Most of us are flooded with prospecting messages from salespeople or sales robots these days. But how many of these cold calls and emails are you responding to?

You will come away with fresh and actionable ideas to help you:

  • Develop targeted messaging that resonates with each buyer persona
  • Navigate situations where the buyer isn’t initially interested
  • Nurture and prepare inactive prospects to be ready to buy

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